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well, it is second semester of the adn program. I aint doing so hot and if i fail I am out of the program.

I have an 80 avg. for the semester in peds, failing patho, b in psych. Please give me some encouragement, tips , tricks anything so I dont fail!!

I am at my wits end on this for sure.

I am so scared of failing , I will have no future in anything.



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It took me several months to adjust to nursing school. I even considered dropping out. I will graduate this June. Just hang in there. It will get easier once you get used to how it is suppose to be done. What kind of study habbits do you have?

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Good luck to you. It ain't over, 'til it's over and it ain't over yet.


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I study several hours a week about 5 total.

why you gotta a tip??????

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I study several hours a week about 5 total.

why you gotta a tip??????

Maybe you need more than that (if you have the time) or most likely a better orgisation of the studying you're doing.

If your program is like mine you get a set of competencys that you get at the beginning of the course. Answer those competencies like questions.

Don't write down everything in the chapter as a note, only the important stuff.

Answer the vocab first before you read through the chapter. You'd be suprised to find out how many of them you thought meant something different.

Skim through the chapter first to get a general idea on whats inside, even if that is the only thing you have time to do before class.

Also, you might be suffering from burn out. I get that at least once a semester where I just don't want to study. Find some time for yourself for a couple of hours this weekend and come back to the books.


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I found school a lot easier when I spent more time studying. I had to devote more time to my books :bugeyes: . I now spend at least 3-4 hours a day doing homework and studying :banghead: . I also joined in a study group. This is something that I really never did because we would always sit around and talk . My group now is very organized. We do a little talking but not much. We all have families so we make the most of our study time. :idea: Try buddying up with someone in your class who is not having such a hard time. Try talking to your counselor to get some pointers or talk to your instructor. They really are there to help out.

Well, I hope some of these ideas help.


Semester 7/8 :yeah:


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You know what helps is NCLEX review books. Look up the chapter on whatever it is you're studying. It helps prepare you for the test questions. I just took an endocrine test (yuck!) and I studied alot of nursing interventions and rationales from a Saunder's NCLEX review book... and it really helped alot. Studying the rationales makes you understand alot more WHY you do what you do. I also study with a partner every week. We've been together since A&P 1. We quiz eachother and go over all of the notes in class, as well as notes we make on our own. You just have to find your "nitch" in how to study. Good luck!

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