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HI, I'm currently taking my pre-requisite classes at Taft College for nursing. I don't have the best track record as far as grades go. I just came back to school after an absence and just switched to a pre-nursing. I still have about a year and half of Pre-reqs to do. I have a full time job now and its hard to get to everything and at times I get so stressed.. I just need to know I have a chance to make it to Nursing School and Know that I'm not wasting my time and money.


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Most have a chance to get into nursing school if they are willing to work their behind off. You mentioned you don't have the best track record as far as grades, however what does that mean? Most programs have some sort of general GPA requirement, often times 3.0, and the most competitive colleges require a higher GPA (above 3.0). If you want it bad enough, you have to work hard and push towards the end goal, which is hopefully getting accepted into a nursing program. Good luck.


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I would go back slowly, one class for now, then two, and so forth. You need to get As in your classes if you need to boost your GPA, and you need to make your GPA a priority if you want to get into a nursing program. I had to recover from poor choices I made, school-wise, when I was younger, and I worked very hard to boost my GPA in order to get into nursing school. It can be done, but you can't let anything get in the way of your schooling. Start slowly, and ease your way back in.

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I would recommend taking it slow. I have not done too well in Science classes before, and based on scores throughout high school, I took A&P and Chemistry as a single class in a semester. I am currently taking Chemistry and have well above an A and believe it is because I'm not entirely worried about other classes and tests. The same with A&P, I took it in the Fall alone, and came out with an A. I remember how stressed I was about the class alone, I couldn't imagine it with other courses.


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Go slow. Fast is not your friend if you can't get top grades. When I was stressed to the max I did terribly. I'm really lucky in that I could restructure my life to focus on getting good grades. If you can't drop everything and just study then I'd agree with everyone else. Just take 1 class at a time. It's been a LONG road for me to get accepted, but I did and in August I start RN school. I honestly look back and go "wow - ummm I did it and I didn't even notice that I got this far because I was so worried about getting this far at all." That might not make perfect sense, but it's true. Stay focused, go slow, it's worth it when you read ACCEPTED and realize that all the hard work, late nights, and skipped social events paid off.

Thanks everyone for your help. Im just going back into school slowly and not full blown. I don't want to get overwhelmed and stress.

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