Need an ear to bend and maybe some good advice.


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My husband and I are recent empty-nesters. I love my job on Peds at a mid-size hospital and my husband also works there in Med-Surg.

Recently I have began to feel useless, okay maybe that's not the word, but you get my drift. After all these years of nursing I still want to make a difference.

I have found a very rural.......remote even, hospital in Alaska that we could both go work for. I know it is a very big change. And it's not because I'm not happy where I work, it's just I need a change, I needed to know I'm making a difference and helping folks......okay that may sound hokey, but that's me.

I guess I'm looking for opinions. Would you do it?

I have two grown children, one in college, one married with a small child. Both of my parents are living. I know I would only get to come home once a year while I worked there.

Pros: great pay and benefits, Reaches 11 Native American villiages.

Cons: far from home, and very cold.

Let me hear from you



this is a question only you and husband can answer because the answer would be different for someone else

i think it would be a great adventure that you can share with family when you come back

what ever your decision i hope that you find what you are looking for


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It sounds great. Something I would like to do eventually. But right now my mother is sick and needs to be taken care of. I hope everything works out for you and hubby to go but make sure you feel out your parents and children for their thoughts. You would hate to have them resent you for "leaving" them. If family supports you (or you decide to go anyway) HAVE FUN! Cold isn't always a bad thing.

It sounds exciting! But as others have mentioned, this is only a choice that you and your husband can make together. :)

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