Hi all! Sorry this is so long, I don't have anyone to brain-dump all of this to, and I'm just looking for advice from someone. No one in my family is in a profession like this and I'm always the one everyone else comes to for advice.

I am currently an LPN and work per diem for a staffing company. I make AMAZING money 15 minutes from home. 12 hour shifts, but as with any agency, you get cancelled and facilities drop contracts without notice, so it is a very unreliable source of income. I can't fully commit to traveling for work because I have a 6 and 4 year old, and no reliable babysitter. I am forced to work around my husbands rotating schedule. He works 12's & 8's days, afternoons, and nights. 

I have completed all of my pre-reqs and applied for the LPN-RN transition course at my local college. My intent was to begin this fall, pending admission to the program. The program is part time 1 day class & 1 day clinical for the most part, near the end I heard it gets a little hairy and clinicals can be added, so you'll be in class up to 5 days a week. 

This past week I have done a lot of brainstorming. Part of my life that is non-negotiable is my children and all that comes with them. If they are in sports, I am either coaching or watching.  I will not miss these moments in their life. I am a mother before I am a nurse. I love my job, but the 12's make it impossible to be there. My son started football and I have just a glimpse of how busy our life will be as they grow up. 

I have decided to either 'take a break' from school, or if I find a job that fits with our lifestyle and allows me to be there for all of my kids extracurricular's forego school all together. I have always wanted to become an RN and hopefully go to NP school but with the challenges of child care and being able to be there for everything, I'm wondering if working an office job as an LPN would be the best fit for me. We make enough to live, and I can pay my own bills with 4 agency shifts a month, but I guess I'm ready to settle into a career at this point. I'm 27, I've been in and out of school since I was 18 years old. Got unexpectedly pregnant 2x and dropped out of the RN program I was in, and completed my LPN. 

The office job would be perfect. 8-4:30 so I can take them to school and be there when they get off of the bus, no holidays, weekends off. It just sounds perfect on paper. I don't want to say I'm 'giving up' on my RN dream but, right now I am so tired of trying to figure out childcare for my shifts, and how we are going to get them from point A to B. I am totally burnt out from trying to manage my life, I think I am just looking for convenience at this point, something steady. Has anyone else been in this situation? Do I sound stupid for doing all of this work to get into the program just to quit?

I know no one can tell me what is best for my life, besides me, but I figure if I can give everyone a little glimpse into it they could just give me opinions.

I've already got 2 interviews because I was tired of wasting time, but nothing is final at this point. One is for a Urology clinic, and the other is a denials analyst for insurance. Both of the hours are amazing, M-F and the insurance job is specifically for an LPN, the urology job is Med Assistant or LPN so I'm sure that pay isn't great. I know I won't make nearly what I am making now but, the hours will be steady. Any urology nurses or denials analysts that could tell me about their jobs? 

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I am not a urology nurse, but I do work in an outpatient health clinic (FQHC), and it is amazing! I personally do not have kids, so I work the longer shifts, but most of my coworkers have multiple children and LOVE the 8-5 hours. Yes, the pay is a little lower, but it is definitely manageable and I believe work-life balance is key to a happy life. There is no right or wrong way to structure yours, so try to let go of the idea that you are losing something by making the decision to focus on your other priorities rather than getting your RN, if that is what you decide to do. I have many older coworkers who make great money as LPN's because they have lots of time and experience. They have been LPNs for years and chose never to get their RN. They make as much as many RNs and are ecstatic at their low stress, body-friendly careers. Personally, I really like the time I have for patient care and education. There is enough variety in my workday to keep me stimulated and passionate, yet I don't have to worry about hurting my back or running myself ragged. I like doing the procedures and building relationships patients over time. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do!

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Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and opinions. 

I have decided to set RN school aside for the time being, however, I am highly considering continuing online schooling to earn another health care associated or social work degree while I am working. If anyone has any input on a good degree to pursue online, I am all ears! (I have been doing online classes for a few semesters already, so I am aware of the workload)


I had my urology interview and it went well! They were unable to discuss salary until the 2nd interview, and they have not called to schedule that as of yet.

I had my Denial Analyst interview this AM and she was fantastic! My second interview for this position is Thursday and my fingers are crossed! She states she is very flexible and completely understands about having children and a busy life. I couldn’t have been happier. The salary is decent, and the hours are great. I love office-work and think I will enjoy this position if I am offered it.   


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Glad to hear your interviews went well and that you gained some clarity about your decision. Let us know how your new job is! Good luck

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Thank you so much!

I got the Denials Analyst job. They even increased the salary after asking me what my current rate is. I start the second week of August ?


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Good for you!


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Why not look into home health? The schedules are generally flexible. I've worked for a few an I have seen anywhere from 4 to 16 hour shifts. 

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Wishing you the Best!


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I have always chosen jobs that allowed me to have a work/life balance

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Hi Nurse Christina,

I waited until my daughter was old enough before considering going from LPN to RN too, next year she will be graduating from high school. I have worked as LPN for 9 yrs and I don't regret my decision but to be honest I may finish my BSN in health science degree other than in nursing I'm no longer interested in working  bedside care maybe just burned out.      

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OP, how are you liking your new job so far?