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Katnip, RN

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Brandy, instead of a puppy, you might want to try a housebroken adult dog. Puppies need to be toileted often for a few months, then they get into the chewing stage (crate training will help with that). A grown dog is often used to being alone during long hours and can usually manage fine.

Just a thought.



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Hey Brandy...why don't you try a pet rat? They are very sociable. I have had many rats in the past...they are like little dogs. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. My rats used to climb to the top of their cage to greet me when I walked in my room. My boy rat, Vicious, used to stay on my shoulder when I went for walks. The girls, which were smaller, would stay in the pocket of my poncho. They are easy to take care of, they don't smell like mice or gerbils, and they are cheap. The downfalls are: they can only last about 20 minutes before they have to go potty, they are prone to tumors, and they don't live as long as dogs. I wish you luck in your pursuit of finding the perfect pet. :)



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Mmmmmm, a new job and a new puppy?? Not to mention that you're going to be working a new schedule too. Maybe you should hold off on getting anything until you get used to all the changes coming up in your life. There will be a lot to learn in the ICU and ED are definately not done with studying books and taking tests. Also, the overnight schedule takes a lot to get down, for some. My fiance has been working midnights for about 4 months and we are still trying to get used to it. It's hard to get anything done because I work days (0645-1515) and he works overnight (1200-0800).

My advice would be to wait....give yourself about 4-6 months or so. It would be better to potty train when it's warm outside anyway. ;)

Good luck in whatever you decide.




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We have a beagle/lab mix (we call her a bleagle), she is affectionate and thinks she is one of our children. She does get really excited when we get home after being gone all day. She usually brings us one of her toys to welcome us home. She was very easy to train (of course now she's kind of "over trained"...every time we give her a treat she has to go outside immediately after hiding it under my pillow (I think she is trying to make us think she ate it!! LOL!).

On another note, I am allergic to cat's. But it has nothing to do with the's the cat's dander that I'm allergic to. Not so severe that I break out in hives, just sneeze allot. You can recieve injections to desensitize you from an allergist, but it's kind of expensive without insurance.:)



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I like Yorkshire terriers and West Highland White terriers for small breeds. I agree that a puppy may be a bit of work but if you are working nights and don't mind interrupting your sleep time you may be able to set a scedule for housetraining. I have owned many dogs both purebred and mutts. What works for you will depend on that dogs personality. I did rescue work for working breeds for about 3 years and I do behavior modification for placement of rescued dogs. Shop around, visit breeders and trainers and talk to people that do rescue work, look at the shelters and Human society kennels. You will find what you want and that special dog will become a member of your family.

Good Luck:cool: :p

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