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When I had my son two years ago, the nurses where really great, and I decided I wanted to become a Pediatric Nurse. I'm working on my pre-reqs right now. I know I want to work with kids. I love kids, and I'm not just saying that. I don't mean like "I love ice cream", or "I love the color pink." I absolutely LOVE kids, if I was ever in a situation where I had to save a child's life or save my own, I'd choose the child without a second thought. And I'm good with children, I can make the most crankest, difficult child smile.

My only problem is that I'm extremely quiet and shy. I'm horrible at talking to people (adults). I'm not a people person at all. It's not that I don't like people, I get along with everybody. I'm pretty good at accepting that people have diffrent cultures, upbringing, and opinions diffrent than mine. It takes a lot for me not to like a person. I'm just really shy until I get to know someone.

I went on a job interview today, and totally blew it! Now I'm starting to worry what's going to happen once I finish school and start working as a nurse! I'm worried about how I'm going to do. It seems like nurses are spose to be bubblie, happy, talkative people and that is just not me. Should I just give up?


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No, I wouldnt give you have to take a public speaking class for your pre-reqs? That could help, being in college alone could help, and if all fails you will be forced to break out of your shell when you get into nursing school and do clinicals :)


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I second what Futurenurse wrote. I too am very shy but I'm not letting that hold me back from becoming a nurse. Its required in our program to take speech and I am dreading it but I know it will help me to prepare for my career as a nurse. And when you are in clinicals and you have to do return demonstrations in lab that will help you get over being shy, somewhat. I dont think all nurses are bubbly or outgoing. I think as long as you do a good job just be yourself. Good Luck!:specs:


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I hope clinicals will help, maybe it'll be easier to deal with people that need help. Maybe I'll be too busy worried about my patients to think about being shy. I was an Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force. I had to give daily briefings to the Commander of the base along with a bunch of other very important officers. I HATED doing it, but I eventually got over my fears, even though I sucked at it. I'm definately not a public speaker. Which is why I'm not doing it now.

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i'm good with children, i can make the most crankest, difficult child smile. . .i'm just really shy until i get to know someone. . .i went on a job interview today, and totally blew it! . . i'm starting to worry what's going to happen once i finish school and start working as a nurse! i'm worried about how i'm going to do. it seems like nurses are spose to be bubblie, happy, talkative people and that is just not me. should i just give up?

believe me, not all nurses are bubbly, happy and talkative. i've been a nurse for years and worked with probably hundreds of nurses. some are cranky, nasty and don't talk to anyone, including the patients. some are also shy. the hospital in the city where i live employs a huge number of asian nurses. many are very shy and mindful of people's privacy because it's part of their culture. they still get the job done.

no, you shouldn't give up.

as for the job interview, you didn't say how you blew it, but i can tell you this from being both the interviewee and the interviewer. . .the interview process is something that you learn more about and get better with each interview. so, from this job interview, think about what happened and how you'll do it differently at the next job interview. even the experts will tell you that. there is information on interviewing on the stickys of the nursing career advice forum of allnurses (

there are also classes you can take in assertiveness that will help you overcome some of your shyness. you might check with your college's counseling or communication departments about this. honestly, after you've seen enough naked ta-tas and private parts as you are doing nursing procedures, a lot of the shyness goes out the window, i think, as you become very clinically oriented. mine did. i think you are also going to find that children are incredibly honest because they haven't been socialized to the vast amount of deception that we adults practice on a regular basis. it's kind of refreshing. i imagine your shyness won't even show with kids.

keep on going. you won't be the first or last person to deal with this issue. and, it's certainly not worth not going to nursing school over.

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