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"]I've worked at this facility for 13 + years, been ADON/Charge Nurse for 5 years. I do 80% of all MD calls, orders, admissions, resident concerns, staff concerns, end of the month MARS/TARS prepare for MD rounds and what ever else the DON wants me to do. Usually work a 10-12o day 5 days/week of course I'm salaried. The DON is very particular and wants everything perfect, so if she finds an error she writes me up. Very little ever gets by her, shes at the facility all the time it's her life. This week I was suspended because of an error, 3rd non were life threatening. The she informed me one more means termination. I'm tired of this job, tired of her on my back all the time.

I'm 65 yr old looking to retire next year, hope to work a little PT, to supplement my income. I don't want my nursing record to show I was terminated. I feel like I'm sitting on a time bomb, I can retire now, but it would be a problem financially.

Does anyone have advise to give me?? Do you think they are seeing something I'm not, why am I feeling so violated?



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I would say to go with your gut feelings. If you can, put some feelers out there and see what you can get as far as other jobs. Maybe private duty or home health would supplement your income.

It probably won't end the way you want it to if you leave it up to the DON. Sounds like she has an agenda that may not always benefit your best interests.

If she has written you up and suspended you already, and told you it's one more chance and you'll be terminated, if I were you I'd take that as a warning, and not just a threat. Start protecting your peace of mind and look for something else. Don't let your future stay in her hands.

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leave. now.

i am not so very far behind you in please dont take the following as insulting or discriminatory:

you are too old to be working that many hours....we just dont have the reserves we did when we were younger, you are setting yourself up for errors, d/t decrease in mental acuity from working too long.

this work load is silly in the first place. why are you doing all of this, what are the wing nurses doing?

the DON, either wants you gone, or is totally out to lunch in her expectations......find something else hopefully at a similar pay rate...and get out.


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Is the DON considerably younger or less experienced than you? Has she been at the facility very long? She might be feeling threatened by you and insecure in her own position---putting you down to make her look good.

Her behavior could be construed as age discrimination, whether she has her own issues or is being influenced by someone higher up in the corporation. Make sure you document what's happening to you.

I agree with the other posters. Get out of there as soon as you can.

Very sorry this is happening to you.

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I would ask to limit myself to one full time position( 5 eight hour shifts), and stick to it- like Cinderella, leave when your shift is over.

If you have sick days coming to you, use them when you dont feel 100% up to working.

I would do my work methodically, not pressured to ensure fewer mistakes, and if someone complains, say that it is important to do the job right and not be hurried. What you dont finish at the end of the day, tell your boss with a warm smile, I have to go, I will be happy to finish this tomorrow.

I would also consult with a lawyer, I hope this isn't a case of trying to fire you and not paying you your pension or whatever.

The important thing is work pleasantly, calmly, at your own pace, dont quit so close to the finish line - mistakes are human and I dont think she can fire you unless it was serious enough to affect pt care or worse.

Dont start looking for another job at this stage of the game, it will be riddled with more problems. the grass is not greener...

You sound like an amazing nurse who really cares, you put so much into your career (and you dont have to live at the facility like your DON, she should get a life!!) finish it respectfully,

Good Luck


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Thanks to all who replied to my issue, update: I'm retiring - I'll work part-time but not in the same position. I'll be looking for something less stressfull. Thanks again, for all your replies it really help me make my decision what to do.

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Thanks to all who replied to my issue, update: I'm retiring - I'll work part-time but not in the same position. I'll be looking for something less stressfull. Thanks again, for all your replies it really help me make my decision what to do.

GOOD FOR YOU!!! :yeah: Life is too short, I wish you the best :heartbeat

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