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Need some advice...


I take my nclex pn exam in august and I was wondering if it would be okay to purchase the saunder's comprehensive review rn edition to study from also. I already have the saunder's pn book (green)... just want to make sure I have enough study tools since the nclex has changed.:o

I will take mine in August too u don't have to buy the Saunders RN bcuz if you pay close attention is all the same materials only a bit diff. for the RN the reason why I know that is bcuz I'm using the Nclex 4000 for RN, and I'm also using the Saunders PN, and the Exam Cram PN for now.

No need to buy too many books. You don't want to waste time flipping around and not getting to the heart of the matter. Two Saunders books would most likely be buying repetition.