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This is my first time here, so I hope I am doing this right! I am an

R.N. and worked in a hospital for 17 years before going to work in a health department. My best friend still works in that hospital as an R.N. also. She is 50 years old and has been working as an R.N. for 28 years. She had a stroke a month ago and it has affected her memory, vision, and she is unsteady on her feet.

She is a single parent of a daughter who has just graduated high school and is planning to go to college in the fall. Can she possibly go on disability? The doctor does not even want her to drive. Does she have to be disabled for 6 months before she can file? Is there any kind of help she could get financially in the mean time? She has no one to help her and is worried sick about her bills. Thanks for any info.



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I have no advice. I don't know anything about disability pay. I will keep your friend and her daughter in prayers. I pray everything works out well for her.

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Hello WSD

Welcome to Allnurses! I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to say I'll be praying for answers for your friend. The only thing I would suggest is for her to contact Social Services for their assistance in helping her to find a solution to her situation. :nurse:

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I take care of many young 20 something patients with DM that are on disability (and should not be!!)...I don't see why your friend can't go through the process to apply and go from there. I know her physician will have to help with the paperwork though. Good luck!


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There is an organization that provides temporary assistance to nurses who have had accidents or serious illnesses. They might be able to help her, or at least point her to someone who can. check out their website for info.

edited because the link didn't work. Type in the address if you need to. The site is valid.

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I think you need to be disabled for 6 months prior to social security but she should qualify for medicaide, does your friend have a social worker on her case? If not can you call her dr. or whom ever is the POA and set up something for her. Good luck, hope all works out.


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Your friend needs to find a lawyer that specializes in disability cases. He will do all the paperwork with her help and will take care of any appeals that need to be done. Tell her to find this lawyer immediately and do not wait. The sooner she is able to start the better. I know this because I am disabled and have been through this. The sooner she can find a lawyer to represent her the better, but it needs to be someone who specializes in disability as they do not get paid unless she gets her disability. She does not have to come up with any extra money until she gets her disability.

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