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Need advice

by SirkisPink SirkisPink (New) New

I`m currently working on a post surgical floor. I`m almost done with my orientation and am a new grad. I feel so over whelmed. I cry and get sick before I have to go in. I just don`t feel like this is what I am ment to do. Does anyone have any advice on where else I can work that doesn`t make me feel this way? I really want a 9-5 job where I can actually feel confident, or even just a little confidence in what i`m doing? Any nonfloor nursing job suggestions? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Have you tried working in theate? I too felt sick and angry working on the wards where I felt unappreciated, unhappy with not being able to spend enough time caring for patients etc. Theatre at least you can focus on one patient instead of 4-6 and you gain confidence in a specialised field.

If you don`t mind me asking what is theate?

It's only natural you feel overwhelmed. You'll get more confident and competent through time. 9-5 jobs: Theatres, out-patients, day procedure, clinics.

I wouldn't give up so quickly.

I was in your shoes not too long ago. I also did my orientation in a post-surgical unit. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, I couln't sleep at night, and even had dreams of being brought into the SBON on trial. lol. I only laugh because I know how you are feeling and compared to how I feel know, it is laughable matter.

I am currently 9months in. I love the unit now. Everything is so familar. I have learned to know my co-workers, the Docs, the unit, and my patients.

I now look forward to going to work.

I don't know if the post-surg floor is for you....but I would at least give it a chance. Being out of orientation can seem scary but it's a big relief. You will soon be independent and at your own schedule.

Don't second guess yourself. You know your stuff!!! You were awarded a license for a reason. Keep that in-mind.

Thanks for everyone's advice. Especially Danycejw2006! I`ll keep it in mind, when things get rough.

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