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Need advice about school

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I have a goal of becoming an np. I have worked as a medical assistant for 12 years, and have had a practical radiology tech cert for 3 years (both diploma programs). I have several options available and am overwhelmed. I can get an aas from a for profit, then do an rn to bsn online while working as an rn before moving to my np courses. Or can go right to bsn then work a few years then np course. Or can do a non nurse degree and go PA. My main hungups on making the choice are as follows and in order of importance.

1. Wife and 2 kids 10 and 13

2. Work full time as primary household income

3. Prefer more online than campus due to time available in my week.

Want to spend the most efficient amount of time in school( as in getting the most prerequisites I can out of my bs before my masters.)

Thank you for any advice

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Right now, focus on getting all your prereqs done for both PA and RN school. Most prereqs can be done online. Some schools will not accept online lab classes like microbiology, others will, so check with each school you are interested in.

PA schools usually require you to be a full time student. You can be a part time BSN and MSN student, but that is going to take a long time to complete.

Your wife is going to have to provide more economic support if you go to school full time.

Good luck


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I would avoid a for profit adn they are usually more expensive, have low nclex pass rates, low conpletion rates, and limit the number of places where you will be able to pursue an online rn to bsn.

My reason for considering for profit is due to a 2-3 year wait list for the rn programs locally and you can not even apply to the program until prerequisites are done

No matter how many hours she works she will never account for the wages I'd lose not working. I make $20 an hour and her job is $10 per hour with no overtime and I currently work 50 hours a week

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Based on your situation, I'd suggest avoiding a for profit school. It seems money is the constant issue for you. Going to a for profit school will hurt your financially in the long run due to the student loans racking up over time and the prices are outrageous plus they have bad reputations . My sister tried applying to one and she was moving forward with it until they got to explaining the costs for the program and her loan amounts. They were going to charge her $30,000 for the year for the program, which is why she quit and went to a local community college. Like you she did not want to do the waiting list and it seemed like it would take forever just apply for the program but she got over it and went the the standard route. I would suggest going to a community college and getting your AAS degree, if you're still eligible for grants, that can take care of tuition. Then get your RN License. Then go the RN to BSN pathway (most employers will pay a portion if not all of your tuition for the BSN degrees) And finally continue on to your MSN degree. You should be working as an RN throughout all of this after getting you license because most MSN programs require you to have a certain amount of experience as an RN prior to applying. Remember, "Anything worth waiting for is worth having" so don't get discouraged about the waiting list. Complete prerequisites and prepare yourself for some of the nursing courses in advance so you can be ahead when you finally take them. They are very challenging courses.

The cost difference is 20k total for the aas and my income first year will be increased by that and then some so lost income in 2 years on a wait list will be a bigger loss

Oh okay, well then by all means attend a for profit school, just make sure to check that they have valid accreditation and check out reviews from former students if you can, Good Luck!

I got the school name from the nursing board so they are accredited. Reviews online are mixed from great to people knocking the same things you find at all for profit schools. I got my x-ray through a for profit so I know what comes with it. I have worked with nurses who attended this school and said it was good but no better than community college just had to pay more to avoid the wait list and such

Awesome!! Well best of luck to you!