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Need advice re: ACLS


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I would like to get ACLS training and certification. Where is the best place to obtain this? Thanks so much for your help

whipping girl in 07, RN

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Check with hospitals in your area. Depending on how large they are, they may offer it every month or two, or even more often. The places I used to work gave first pick to their own staff, first in areas that it was required (ER, ICU, etc) then to other staff, and finally to outsiders.

You can renew online now and then go to a testing center to do a skills checkoff. That's how I did it last time and it was great.

highlandlass1592, BSN, RN

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Go to www.americanheart.org and put in your zip code. They will give a list of classes in your area and you can contact the provider directly about signing up. Another poster mentioned doing it online and then finding a training center to do the pracitical part....there is a disc available for purchase that you can do ACLS in this manner. However, you will still need to go to Americanheart.org to find a provider who is willing to do your practical check off and not all providers will do that. It's up to you which way you go..but be prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars to do it. If you go to this website and type in ACLS online, it will allow you to order the Heartcode disc to do ACLS on your computer..then as I said you only need to find a provider for the practical check-off: http://www.eworldpoint.com/ Good luck


Has 12 years experience.

Thanks for your help!

Medic09, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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Check with your local ALS ambulance service. Sometimes they do this stuff in-house and don't advertise. Also speak with the director of your local paramedic program. They run the program over time for their students.

FlyingScot, RN

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Just a word of advice about the ACLS disc you can buy. If this is your first time taking ACLS you may find the testing portion very difficult. I bought the program and found it extremely challenging and I have been ACLS certified for more than 20 years. My history in traditional recertification classes is passing the written test with 95% or better and generally acing the scenarios as well as being recommended for instructor training. In addition I have been responsible for running codes without a physician present in several of my jobs. I was talking to the instructor who did my practical portion and she said that many people have been unable to pass the computer program test.

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