Need some advice from nurses about accepting internships...


I'm just wondering, is it bad to accept all of the offers that you get, then when you decide at the end, just decline the ones you don't want?

It's just kind of a tough decision as it is, and it doesn't help that the offers that I have received want to know THAT day or by the end of the week if you want to accept. This would be fine if I had gone on other interviews, but my other ones aren't until next month. They said that they will be interviewing other candidates for the spot if I don't accept.

So, if you were in this situation, what would you do? Would you accept all of the offers, accept the ones you like the most, just take the chance and wait? It's just scary because what if I decline this offer and then I don't get anymore? Does this happen a lot? How do these potential employers handle it? Obviously I wouldn't tell them that I found something better, but I would just say that something came up and I will not be able to attend their internship program.

Let me give you a little background: I have been offered one position that I am not completely sure about (not so much about the job, but the fact that it's 8 hour shifts), and I have 3 more interviews next month. My last interview is my top choice. I would hate to decline everything else and then not get this one.

I'm just a little stressed and worried. If anyone has been in this situation or has advice for me I would be very happy! :bowingpur

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personally, I think you ought to make a decision when they ask for one. Once you have heard the conditions of employment you ought to know if you can live with that or not. Do not burn any bridges as you might be interviewing with that person again in the future -


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I also graduate in May 2009 and I have similar questions! How do you juggle the potential job offers? I have an interview next week for an RN Internship, but I really want a position in either the MICU or the CCU. I hope to be able to know, first, if these ICU jobs are a possibility before having to give an answer regarding the Internship. Any replies to this would be most helpful! Thanks!


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It seems like it's a pretty common problem, so I'm a little surprised that there weren't more responses.

I just wish my top choice hospital was not my last interview. That makes things tough because if I don't get that job I would be SOL if I didn't accept any previous offers.

I'm thinking it is just one of those things that people do, but nobody wants to admit to it or talk about it. I'm sure it happens all of the time. People accept offers as a back up then the dream job comes around and they take it instead.

Let me know what you decide to do stephanieensminger!


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I apply to one employer at a time. That way I don't have to get frenzied over competing offers, or lose sleep waiting for an answer back while still waiting to see others.

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Why do you think you need to accept an offer on the spot? every job site expects potential employees to take their time to make a decision?

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