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I have been working at a nursing home as stna for almost six months. On april 30th my mom, son, and got in a car accident and I sprained my ankle and I had to wear an aircast. I called my job and told them I had been in an accident and I won't be able to come in too work. Since my foot seemed to be feeling fine I tried to go to work on may 5th, especially since I was worried about losing my job. I worked on wednesday and friday and that night my ankle and foot swelled up real big. So I called off and told them I couldn't come in on saturday and sunday because my foot had swelled up. She asked did I have a doctor's statement and I said no. I together I missed five days and the administrator wants to talk to me. I asked the adon how many days can I miss and if I could request leave and she said I have to talk to the lady in payroll and human resources. Then I talked to the lady in business and she said I just right a letter and turn it in and the don will sign it. Now they're saying a need a doctor's statement before I can request leave and it has to be aproved. They didn't tell me anything after I got into an accident about having to have a doctor's statement or anything. I did request my medical records but those take 7 to 10 days to come. But they make up rules as they go. My foot is still swollen and I think the mistake I made was not getting a statement from a doctor after the accident. But they didn't tell me I needed one at first. But now they're saying they might count those days I missed as call offs. I can't stand on my foot for long periods or it swells up. After the accident I had called them twice about how many days can I miss and requesting leave and one woman said she would call me back and never did and the other told me to talk to human resources. Last week they took me off the schedule because they thought I was off on leave. I think I'm going to put in my tweeks notice and find a job somewhere else. I need some advice.


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Go and see your doctor right now and ask him/her to write you an official doctors orders note stating that you cannot return to work until your foot is healed. At almost every job they do require a doctor's note if you miss work more than 3 days in a row. Good luck


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I agree with Blackcat99. It won't take 7-10 days to get a doctor's note. Just go in or call them & tell them what you need. Usually they can get you something at least by the next day.

For future reference, you should probably get a doctor's note anytime you are sick or injured where it may affect your work attendance. It's just a lot easier to get it up-front than having to go back & get it days or weeks later. Every job I've ever had has required a doctor's note if you miss more than 3 days in a row.

Hope you're feeling better! :)


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Aw, heck...didn't realize the OP posted this back in MAY! I'm assuming the leg's healed up by now... ;)

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