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I graduated from nursing school last year and was not able to land any job interviews for months! Finally, I accepted a job in a specialty that I am not too fond of just to get some experience and because I had no options. I am currently a month and a half into my orientation, and I am miserable working here! Last week I finally got an email from another hospital to interview for an ICU position that I've always dreamed of. The problem is: I am currently employed, and I don't want to risk losing my current job by going to this interview. My question is: If I do go to this interview and say I am currently unemployed, is there any way they can find out that I am indeed employed as an RN? As much as I am not fond of my current job, I do not want to risk losing it by going on this interview. Basically, is there any way that I can go to this interview and tell them I am unemployed. Is there any way they can find out the truth. Any advice would be appreciated.


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tough one. don't think lying is an option. i understand you are desperate, but i would be honest. explain to them you took the job because of the economical downturn, but your heart has always been with the (insert) icu? you are an rn, lying is not an option anymore.


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I wouldn't do it. Hospitals, for the most part, are the type of employer that will do a background check with a third party. Your job will show because of taxes, etc. being paid in your behalf using your SSN. You run the risk of being caught in a lie.


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Don't lie.

Do you think it's likely that your current employer will fire you for looking for another job? Do you really want to keep working there, for a place like that? If you're afraid of what might happen then you'll just end up working there forever.

Take the interview, and good luck.

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Most applications ask if it's ok to contact your current employer. If on the application check no and let them you prefer the current employer not know you are seeking other employment and prefer to tell your current employer once you secure another position in your own time. I know when I perform interviews with potential applicants I always ask and find this to be a very common issue with most people who are employed at the time of the interview. With the laws as they are basically all they are allowed to tell a new employer (for fear of a lawsuits) is your start date/end date and why no longer there or are still employed. The only way they can offer any other info if negative is if it's documented and truthful. This is an issue very common place these days.

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