Need advice on Fort Worth vs. Plano areas please

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I'm trying to research rental townhome communities in the DFW areas. I've come across many options and wanted to know your opinions. I found affordable rental areas in Plano:

1. West of I-75 and West Plano Pkwy,

2. Medalist Circle areas....are these areas good, safe neighborhoods for a family?

Any other areas you would suggest?

I also was considering the Fort Worth area. I did find the housing to be very affordable. I was interested in:

1.the areas around 35W and 20 Its around the Seminary Hill Park.

2 the western side of Ft. Worth near Angler Ave and Old Decatur Rd.

3.Calmont Ave and Las Vegas Trail.

I really would like an area that is family friendly with as much space as possible in a rental community. I'm hoping to find work in the Dallas area and I have a year to consider different hospitals. I'm a new grad RN this year and am working currently on a Neuro/Stroke floor, but am looking to take every specialty class they offer to get into Critical Care ASAP. Any advice on hospitals would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for your info!

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West Plano is a tremendously safe area, very family friendly and a great community. The schools are excellent and Plano in general tends to be a more upscale place to live and a very safe community.

I have never lived in Fort Worth. Hopefully someone else can give you insight there.

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I have been living in Fort Worth for nearly seven years. Out of all the Fort Worth neighborhoods you mentioned, the area around Old Decatur Road is the 'nicest,' 'cleanest,' and most 'upscale-looking' due to all of the new construction, brand new homes, and newly built shopping centers in that part of town. It also has easy access to multiple freeways (Loop 820, Interstate 30, Interstate 35W, US highway 287, US highway 377).

The area around Calmont and Las Vegas Trail is older, but okay. It has easy freeway access to Interstate 30 and Loop 820, and is very close to good shopping (Ridgmar Mall).

I personally would not live in close proximity to Seminary Hill Park because the area appears downscale and somewhat dingy. It is more of a lower class area. I doubt that many professionals would live in that area. I live about five miles south of this area and like it.

Another notable, very popular rental area is Southwest Fort Worth along Hulen Street, Bryant Irvin Road, Oakmont Blvd, Overton Ridge, and Sycamore School Rd.

Thanks for your input not.done.yet!

If there's any hospitals around Plano that you've had good experience with, please let me know. I'm trying to do as much research about this area before I plan a trip to visit.

Your detailed reply is very helpful, thanks for that. It's so hard to research areas when you don't have a realistic idea about the community.

Any hospitals in Fort Worth you'd recommend? I know you have a good knowledge base of this area so I appreciate any info you can suggest.

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Fort Worth has JPS (John Peter Smith), which is the level I trauma county hospital. There's also Harris Methodist, Baylor All Saints, Huguley Memorial, Plaza Medical Center, North Hills Hospital, USMD Hospital at Fort Worth, Kindred Hospital, Regency Hospital, and several others.

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All of the Dallas suburbs have their own hospital and some have two or three. Plano has Presbyterian of Plano, Medical Center of Plano, Baylor of Plano and Baylor Heart Hospital. Just north of Plano there is Presbyterian of Allen and Medical Center of McKinney. Just to the south of Plano is Richardson Methodist. There is a new Baylor of McKinney and a Baylor of Frisco as well. All are within a very reasonable driving distance.

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