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Need advice or encouragement

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Hello. I have read posts here about nclex, re-takers, etc and I wanted to post to get help. I graduated in August 2014. I took my first attempt at NCLEX in October and failed with 265 questions. My next attempt is Monday (2 days away now). I would like an opinion or advice. I just recently completed the Kaplan Question trainer 7, which I received a 56% on. I probably should have taken breaks after 50 questions because when I was taking breaks, my scores were higher in the Qbank doing 50 at a time. Anyway, here are my scores of the Question trainers

Q4 - 55%

Q5 - 57%

Q6 - 62%

Q7 - 56%

Readiness test taken after Kaplan Anywhere class was a 66%

When I was doing the Qbank questions of 50-60%, my scores were fluctuating from 55% to 73%. My anxiety is currently running high due to my Qtrainer 7 score. Anyone have any recommendations, advice, encouragements, etc?

I am also doing ATI assessment practice exams given by the ATI tutor and I am receiving 68% and up on them.

I appreciate it. Thank you

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