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I'm starting a new job as a trauma case manager with the Army and I was told to wear kackis, a "good" shirt, a lab coat, and comfortable shoes. I wear tennis shoes now as an ICU nurse, but have no idea what to get otherwise. They will have to be very comfortable because I'm going to be on my feet a lot! Any suggestions?


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I would do a search for websites that supply shoes for chefs. They are on their feet the entire time they are working and most of the time their shoes are non-slip. Their shoes also tend to look nice.



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Will your job entail long periods on your feet walking/standing, or is there deskwork involved to give your dogs a rest?

If you'll be on your feet most of the time, and need a dressier-style of shoe than running shoes, I second the 'chef shoe' recommendation - they are usually black, sensible and comfortable and your legs and back will thank you. Think Dansko; Google "chef shoes". I wear this type of shoe as a flloor nurse.

Another option for a very comfortable shoe that looks great with khakis is Dr. Marten's. They come in laceup, slip on and clogs, many styles to choose from, black, brown...very comfy!

I wear Jordan's. They are expensive, but Mike knows his shoes man, they feel like you are walking on clouds.


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I would be wearing birkenstocks or danskos

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