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Need advice...ake chem lab or no?


I am working towards my RN and my BSN shortly after. I am taking Introduction to Chemistry online starting May 6th-June 17th for my BSN in combination with other classes. Chem Lab is not required for the program at my college. Do you think I should take it or not, and why? Right now I am signed up for it, but seriously thinking of dropping the lab portion and thought Id seek others opinions before doing so. Thank you! :)


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I last took Chemistry in the 10th grade, and hated every second of it. As such, I made a point of choosing nursing programs that did NOT require Chemistry. If you’re OK with taking Chemistry at all, I’d suggest taking its accompanying lab. If you’re only taking it because your program requires it and don’t feel you’d be as successful in the ‘optional’ lab as you’d like, you may want to rethink that portion of the course. Ultimately it is up to you.

It is possible to achieve your academic goals without any Chemistry at all. It depends on the institution and what you have as an end goal. I resume my studies towards the MSN next month and there has been no Chemistry involved in any part of my nursing education or 34-year nursing career at all. I personally wouldn’t take it. But that’s just me. Good luck in your decision.

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Why would you take a course that is not a requirement? Chemistry was one of the hardest courses I had to take.

There is no knowledge gained that would help you in nursing. Drop it and focus on courses you really need.

Best wishes.


If the lab portion is not required I honestly think you should drop the class. Chemistry can be difficult and the addition of lab makes it harder. Lab has its own set of assignments, quizzes and test. When I was freshman in college I saw quite a bit of people getting passing grades in the lectures and fail the lab. In addition with everything that is going on do you know how often you would attend lab? Or would you be doing the lab portion from home?

Best of luck!

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