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  1. Has anyone gone to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and taken pathophysiology online? Where else would I be able to take that class that is non-semester based? Thanks :spin:
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  3. by   nicksmama

    Did you end up taking the course? I am also looking for an online Patho class.

  4. by   justwant2banurse
    I just registered for that Patho course through Nebraska online. It cost more than $1000! In addition, you'll need to pay for 6 proctored exams! Ridiculous. I haven't started yet but if you have, please let me know how long it took you!
  5. by   nursing8648
    Wait a minute, you have to pay for taking the exams, too? Is that directly to your proctor or to U of N?
  6. by   justwant2banurse
    The patho course at NL has 6 exams, 1 for each unit. You need a proctor which you'll have to pay seperately each time you take the test. I'm paying a proctor at a state college which costs me $20 the first hour and $10 every additional half hour (cheap compared to private learning centers). The advantage is that there is no cumulative test at the end.
  7. by   awkwardninja
    I just enrolled in this course. How did it turn out in terms of difficulty? Any suggestions to help me do well? Thanks.
  8. by   justwant2banurse
    It was pretty easy! I personally didn't need the book as much as I thought I would. Study and understand all the info in the syllabus before you take the quizzes and you'll be fine. If you bought the book, it's a good reference but everything you "need" is in the syllabus. Good luck!
  9. by   firstgeneration
    Since you have taken the course is there a chance you can give me tips, or please PM. I really need to do well in this course.

  10. by   firstgeneration
    justwant2banurse or others:

    since u have taken this course, is there additional tips you can provide me, I would really appreciate. I really need to do well in this course, my acceptance is based on this course. Please me PM.

    Thanks so much
  11. by   newRNstudent02
    I'm taking this class right now. I'm about to take the first exam Thursday. Anyone else out there taking or have taken patho from UNL???