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I am curious if anyone knows anything about the accelerated program at NMC. It is one of the only ones around that I can find who will accept you with an associates degree. How competitive is it to... Read More

  1. by   meow7
    Does anyone know anything about NCLEX pass rates or job offers, etc from the ACE program?? I was just wondering since to really wont be that long before I need to start thinking about these things!
  2. by   anurseatlast
    Pass rate is very high and, if you plan to stay in Omaha, Methodist is well thought of in the community which should help with finding a job. Some get job offers from whereever they do their preceptorship. Omaha also just opened two new hospitals so I would think that should help.
  3. by   FutureCruzanRN

    Can I ask how anyone that graduates from the program is able to pay off their loans? Nurses in Nebraska starting don't make over 21 p/hr. I would love to learn from those before me.
  4. by   anurseatlast
    Quote from FutureCruzanRN

    Can I ask how anyone that graduates from the program is able to pay off their loans? Nurses in Nebraska starting don't make over 21 p/hr. I would love to learn from those before me.
    I guess it depends on what you were used to making before - I had so little money that nurses' pay, even with student loan payments, was a vast improvement. Also, many start out working nights (I did/do not because I do not do hospital nursing) and get shift differential which adds up. Additionally, Nebraska has a lower cost of living than many places (California, for instance). Yes, the loans cut into my take home pay but at least I am making more than many people do and I have a job I love. Though I generally do not go into debt other than for my house, I would take loans out again to go to school. In the long run, it is definitely worth it. (There is a so-called "college" in my area that charges $30K for a MA program. Even if the students make it through - many do not because the school is not selective - how will a MA pay that back??)
  5. by   FutureCruzanRN
    Currently I make $16 /hr not including night time differential/ weekends.
  6. by   iop123
    Hi I was wondering if the people who were accepted into the jan 2011 ACE program, went to orientation last week or so? if you did i was wondering how it went and what went on also if one of your have the years academic calendar i was wondering when our breaks were? thanks!
  7. by   FutureCruzanRN
    Quote from Acestudent21
    I completely agree with mochamonster! I graduated from the most recent accelerated class of 2010 CONGRATS to all of you that have been accepted. This will definitely be a life changing experience. I would like to add that even though the program is difficult you can have a social life. You just have to prioritize. I had classmates that went out every weekend. I was the occasional type, and most of my class graduated with honors or high honors.

    You will quickly find that it wont pay to be competitive. Working with your fellow classmates will be very beneficial throughout the program.

    As far as preceptorship is is roughly 5 weeks when you will be paired with a nurse at a hospital. You will complete approx 200 hours with that nurse. During that time you really wont have to go to campus except for once a week.

    I absolutely loved the program, and would recommend it to any pre-nursing student. I went straight into a DNP program to become a nurse practitioner, and Methodist has definitely prepared me for that.

    Hope that helps
    Hey AceStudent,

    Which DNP program did you go to?
  8. by   peds2011
    AceStudent21- I am currently in the ACE program at Methodist, graduating in March! Yay! I'm also planning on starting the DNP program at Creighton. Can you tell me about the program, and how you will get your 2000 "working" hours that are required before starting their clinicals? What area of NP are you working towards? I will be studying Neonatal NP. Good luck!
  9. by   Acestudent21
    Congratulations! I am in a DNP at University of South Alabama. My specialty area is Acute Care Pediatric. I'm not sure about Creighton's program, but some of the hours I will be completing are spent on my final project. Good Luck to you as well!!!
  10. by   Cysclone
    I was unaware of another orientation. The only one I was aware of was on Dec 20th. Are you by chance talking about the ACE Jumpstart? There was only 4 of us and we just took some math and reading tests for about 2 hours and then a Briggs Meyers Personality test. I applied late and had 2 classes in progress this semester, so I was accepted a little later than most. I think this is why there was only 4 of us. Other than that it was a really basic tour of the building.
  11. by   FutureCruzanRN
    So, now that I have all these textbooks.. I am wondering do I bring them to the first day of school?? I feel real stupid asking...real stupid
  12. by   anurseatlast
    Do they still make you buy all the books for the program as a bundle? If so, you definitely won't need all of them right away. You could take the basic books for each class with you but leave the rest in the car. If you need one you didn't bring in with you, you can always get it during break. At the first class they should tell what they want you to bring to class. (I kept a crate with all the books for the current classes in the car the entire time.)

    Congrats to all of you who made it into the program. Don't be surprised if the first couple weeks seem overwhelming. You will get the hang of it. The biggest thing is to find a way that works for you to keep track of all of the assignments. Pull together as a class, help each other out - you will be spending a lot of time together over the next 14 months.

    You will be amazed at how much you learn in such a short time. A year and a half from now, you will be a nurse! It is worth it.
  13. by   mochamonster
    I agree with what anurseatlast said about keeping the main books in your car. I do the same thing. If your first day is NS100, you will definitely need Harkreader and Perry & Potter. Those are the ones I would put in your bag.