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  1. Hey everyone!! I didn't see any forums for those of us hoping to go to Creighton in 2011, either in Jan or Aug. So, how's everyone's process going? I just applied almost 3 weeks ago and am hoping for Jan admission. I e-mail the recruiter right before I completed my application and was told there were still spots open for January. She said I would hear back in about 4-6 that's coming up shortly!! Has anyone heard back yet on their app? It seems like the revolving admissions allow for a better chance. Has anyone been completely denied? Do they wait list extra people? Good luck to everyone in my shoes!! =) hopefully we'll be in nursing school in 7 months!!!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    I think there is already a Creighton hopefuls thread in the Nebraska forum....? You might get more replies there. Good luck!
  4. by   brittaboop

    I just finished my application for Creighton for January admissions as well. I am a bit nervous about spots being open, since I had to wait for grades to be posted in order to send out my application, but I am hopeful! Good luck with the process, you should be hearing soon! I will definitely keep you posted if I hear anything from the school! I'm hoping to get into either Creighton or Regis. I love the Jesuits, and my boyfriend lives in Omaha!

    Good luck!
  5. by   Lauren4268
    good luck to you too!! hopefully we hear good news =) so, have you been to omaha, since your boyfriend lives there? if you have, what is it like? I've never been anywhere near nebraska, so I have no idea what to expect should I get in! haha
  6. by   brittaboop
    Where are you from? Nebraska's the midwest. Im from Denver, so Nebraska is a bit different, BUT Omaha is actually a great little city. It's got a lot of character, great music scene, and it's super cheap for cost of living (which will be much needed while in the program). I actually like it a lot! It's a good place to spend some time for school! We probably won't have too much time to enjoy any city anyway . haha. Good luck! The wait is going to kill me, so I am just going to pretend that I didn't even apply to nursing school and enjoy summer.

    Let me know if you get in! Did you apply anywhere else?
  7. by   Lauren4268
    I'm from nothern I'm expecting a big change from what I am used to! I actually lived all my life in a town of about 50k people, so I'm used a smaller community feel. That's good to hear about the cheap cost of living, since I dont plan to work during the program =) i've never lived anywhere else but here, so I think it would be a good opportunity to experience somewhere else, even if only for school. the wait is killing me too!! i hope I hear something soon!! I haven't applied anywhere else yet, but I plan to apply to a school around here (samuel merrit, another 12 month accelerated bsn) and Duke. hopefully one of the tree takes me!! i've been a full time student for 4 years now, so I'm really ready to start studying my passion!
  8. by   brittaboop
    I was really interested in Duke's program as well, with the graduate credits you receive plus their clinical immersion abroad! I would love to apply to Duke, but alas, my undergraduate GPA requires me to take the GRE's. I wasn't so excited about that part, haha . Good luck with those three schools, you will surely get into one of them!

    Any work on Creighton yet? All of my transcripts have arrived and everything is on file, the waiting game commences! I would love to stop being a professional student as will all be wroth it soon!
  9. by   Lauren4268
    Yea I made the cut off by .5 haha so Im glad I dont have to take the GRE! I'm really hoping to get into that program though. Creighton would be great as well! I talked to the recruitment counselor at creighton on thurs, since it had ben 4 weeks since I turned everything in and she said she was really behind on applications and was hoping to get through them on that friday...So I'm hoping to hear something this week, but I'm not holding my breath on it!

    when do you expect to hear back from Regis? I'll know about Duke in august, so im hoping IF i get into creighton that I wont have to give them an answer until then...
  10. by   Lauren4268
    I got my acceptance letter in the mail today!!! I was shocked and happy at the same time! I didn't want to get my hopes up so I tried to plan on what to do if I didn't get in. But now I get to make some real plans!! Hopefully your acceptance will come any day now =)
  11. by   brittaboop
    Hey!! That is awesome news, congrats!! I bet it is a real relief to start making some plans. How did the Duke application go? Good luck with those, and let me know what you choose! Perhaps we will be Omaha classmates next spring!

    I haven't any word yet from Regis, apparently I might not hear back until Aug. So lame! Hopefully I will hear from creigton in the next two weeks, but now I know to look out in my mail box!

    Congrats again! So exciting!
  12. by   Lauren4268
    I havent started my duke application yet, but this whole thing kinda changes things! haha I have to send the deposit and intent to enroll letter to Creighton by June 26, and Duke's application isn't even due until July 1, so I won't know until it's too late. I think I will mostly likely forget other schools for now and go with this since it's definite and a great school. Plus, it's far cheaper than Duke and others I've been considering. At any rate, at least I know one place I can go to for sure!!! I was suprised it came by mail as well lol. With everything so internet-oriented thses days, I figured it would be posted online or in an e-mail.
  13. by   brittaboop
    Hey Lauren!

    So I got a letter from Creighton early last week, and I was certain it was either an acceptance/rejection letter! I opened it, and come to find out, my A&P professor had YET to submit my recommendation (even though it was given to ther TWO months in advance!) SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I finally got her to get it in (sometimes you have to BUG them), so I am crossing my fingers that I receive another letter this next week or so!

    What a pain! On another note, I've been doing the old pros/cons list, and Creighton is slowly coming out on top. Hopefully I will get accepted!

    Did you send in your intent letter yet? How much is your deposit? (if ya dont mind ). Let me know if you need information on where to look for housing, etc etc etc!! Between my boyfriend and I, we can help ya out!

  14. by   Lauren4268
    Hey Brittani,

    OMG that would annoy me!!! An A&P teacher should know how important a letter of rec is for nursing school!! Gah! Haha. I haven't sent the letter in yet (due by june 26, 30 days from when they sent it out), I'm still trying to work out a few bugs on my first degree, because they are trying to make me wait until spring to graduate which does NOT work....on the acceptance letter it gives you thre choices, the first is to accept for spring, the second is to defer enrollment to next aug without reapplying (third choice is you saying no). So i'm going to try and get some info this week so I can let them know if I'm going to be Jan or Aug start. The deposit it $250, not bad. And then all the other stuff is due in exam, immunizations, background check....I also did a pros and cons list with Creighton and Duke, and Creighton came out ahead, so I decided to not take up the the time for a Duke application when I have my in. I'll definitely be asking you about where to live!! the school in a nice area? any recomendations on apartment complexes in the $500 range? good luck! hope you hear back soon