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Took NCLEX RN and failed recieved my restults on saturday. I failed with 265 questions I had all near passing, One above passing standard in Safety and infection control, and One below passing standard in Basic Care and Comfort. I don't know where to begin to improve all of the areas. I don't understand whats wrong with me in the Basic care area is there any books that can help me with that as well. Thanks I plan to maybe retake in mid or late August. Also I don't understand what It means was I really close to passing Or really bad? I feel like the results doesn't give me that much specifically of what I missed.


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i'm in the same situation as you, i took mine early june and got all 265 and i know i got the last question right so getting the last question right and passing is a myth. i also got near passing on all the topics so i guess i have to review everything over. but i know i didn't study for the first exam and wasted my time. i felt pressured by my school telling everyone to take it as soon as possible, and hearing my classmates take it and pass, i was like i can do it too, obviously not. this time i got the saunders, la charity, exam cram and i've been doing that for 2 weeks now and i feel good. my re-application has been approved just waiting for my att, but i plan to take it by the end of this month if there's available space. near passing means near passing, just review the topics over. of course it sucks that we didn't pass but we were close.

what i'm doing is treating this as a new start, i'm studying, i'm even planning on taking my exam at a different center, i'm also not telling anyone of my new date which i regret doing the first time, it's going to be between me and god. second time's a charm. stay possitive and :o good luck.


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Thank you so much you sound just like me as well. I also felt like I rushed into it because everyone in class started to take it early and they were bragging on fb about passing and I also thought well so can I lol Wrong I was wrong lol. Im going to give it my all Im going to buy lacharity and exam cram and do the NSCBN review for 3 weeks and go over saunders hopefully this will help me. Good luck to you and keep your head up. I think we can pass the second time around.


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You need to start over and study everything as if you had not tested before. You have no idea what the questions will be so you have to prepare for everything. Good luck on your retry.


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Thank you caliotter Im going to give it my very best


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I'm in the same boat. The week before my first test I started working as an RN under my provisional, and my father had gotten into an accident and lost his left arm above his elbow. I thought "I don't need to study, I have kicked butt in nursing school and I already know this stuff." (they will etch that on my tombstone i'm sure) so I take the day before the test off to study and thought I would pass at question 75. When question 76 hit I thought that oh there has to be some mistake and I've just been selected to take all the questions (if I would have actually read the kaplan or hurst books that I had baught I would have known better.) so 265 questions later and the last question was regarding a left arm amputee...

needless to say my hubris was my downfall and I've got the "near passing" on everything... so obviously if I would have studied, or payed more attention or would have had a slightly smaller ego I might have saved myself the hurt. I honestly feel like failing the NCLEX is a scar that will haunt me forever. now i've gone from thinking I know everything to thinking I know nothing at all. My second chance is in two weeks and I've been hitting the books like crazy. fortunately they let me keep my old nurse aide job at the nursing home but I really hope to pass in two weeks.

Honestly though I feel like there is a greater plan for everything and I know this was a much needed lesson to humble myself. I hope that we all retain the information that we study and can make this second chance count.

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@TrysofFate, I know where you are coming from, because I actually worked as a Nurse overseas, and graduated with Honors from Uni, but the first time I took NCLEX, I failed miserably. One thing I can say about NCLEX is, it aint no PUNK, you had better put the work in, you have to study and comprehend the process.

I too have been humbled by my experience, I passed this Saturday, I am sure you will pass in a couple of weeks.

Stay focused, you got this!!


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I'm sorry Trystofate You will pass this next time. We have to make the second time count, and Im praying that It will. Just never give up and keep your head held up high! I also feel like I am being haunted of not passing the NCLEX it really bothers me, and it really hurts, but we must look pass that and concentrate on the future.