Near Death Experiences & the Afterlife



I am curious to know if any of you or your patients ever experienced this?

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, it happened to me. I don't remember the exact reason, but I was trying to hang onto my father's belt (while he was wearing his pants and walking.)

The next thing I know, he and I were stretched out on the living room floor. It was VERY quiet. I felt myself "popping" out of my body and floating up to the ceiling. While my back was up against the ceiling, I was looking down on our bodies. I wasn't scared, just kinda floating around and very curious.

Then all of a sudden, I was "rushed" back into my body. I remember feeling very heavy and sluggish. I had a splitting headache. It was extremely noisy. My father got up and picked me up...We were both ok.

He has NO memory of this ever taking place. Am I crazy or what? Obviously, something happened or else I wouldn't be telling you this 25 some odd years later.

In addition, I could swear that I have had visitations from the other side. For example, my grandmother's perfume that came on very strongly,right after she died. I was thinking about her and all of a sudden,her perfume (which was jeanna te )came on. Then it slowly faded away.

I could also swear that at night, right at the brink of sleep- "someone" gently caresses my cheek. This all gives me chills (good ones :))

What have been some of you experiences and or stories that you would like to share?




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I have not personally experienced anything like this ....and none of my patients have so far, either (hope they don't either!). But I have read lots of books on the topic and Nursing 2002 and RN magazine have both had several articles regarding NDE's. I can recommend a wonderful author, Sylvia Browne. I used to think she was a crock on TV, but having read her books and drawn comparisions to the NDE's I have read of described in detail, I find it interesting the themes all virtually all the same, no matter the religious/spiritual background of the person describing them. Try reading her books....they are fascinating!

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My mother told me a story...when I was 8 months old my father was killed in an auto accident. A couple of months later she was outside hanging clothes on the line to dry. She could hear that I had started crying in the house. (I was in a crib) She started to go right in, then decided it would only take her a minute to finish hanging up the clothes. She said she heard my fathers voice, very clearly, saying "Phyllis, take care of that baby!!":eek:


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These kinds of experiences have taken place throughout recorded history. Think of it as a special treat you experienced, in the same vein as religious experiences around the world. Of course, since your father didn't have it, only you did at that time, it is no wonder he didn't remember it.

William James, Blake, and hundreds of other have written about them--and they seem to occur in ALL religions, as well as being experienced by people involved in NO religion. Any of the main books about death and dying talk about it--some in detail.

It would be nice to patent it, no? You'd be rich. Then you could buy your own hospital and employ all the nurses posting on this BB, who want to work in a GOOD hospital.


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A facsinating book on the subject is The Afterlife Experiments by Gary Schwartz .


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My friend lost a son at birth and many years later, her other son died of brain stem cancer at age 21. A few days before he died, he told his mom "this boy says he's my brother and he'll take me with him" (there was no one where he pointed, and by that time he was blind). He talked about the boy until the end.


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Well, one day I was driving down PCH, minding my own business when I had the sudden urge to go to the psychic shop and have my tarot cards read. Never one to ignore intuition (well almost never) I went to the store and signed up for a session with the next available reader, who also happened to be a medium. As soon as I entered the room, the reader asked me if I was there about a dream. I said no, just a general reading. She continued to tell me that she kept getting a message about a dream and that there was a lady with dark hair standing beside me, who had some relation to my mother and whose name was Mary. My aunt Mary had died the year before, and she fit the description that the reader gave. A few days later I called my mother, who lives in Scotland and told her what had happened. She told me that while she had been on vacation in Portugal, she had had a vivid dream that she was sitting down for a cup of tea with her mum, dad and sister (my aunt Mary) and that they had a grand old time, and that she had woken up feeling really happy and content. She is the last survivor of her nuclear family and had been quite depressed.

I have heard it said that dead people can visit you in your dreams and that those particular dreams are different than other dreams in that they are really vivid. So I guess that was my aunt asking me to tell my mum that it was not just a dream but a visitation and to reassure my mum that her family was still around, just not in this dimension.

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