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I am preparing for my 2nd time taking NCLEX. I prepared with KAPLAN the first time around. I bought the EXAM CRAM RN book by PEASRON VUE. Has anyone used this book or have sugeestions? The SATA are the ?'s that really hurt me I think, besides the nerves :-)

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hello there!

i've used exam cram for my test and i must say, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! :bow:

i love how it uses the same computer software as the real nclex and you can see how you're progressing. you can either score in the poor, fair, good, or excellent area and the test actually cuts off when it recognizes if you're above passing or not.

a...ma...zing! :D

make sure you go through all the questions during the review (i think it's around 1200 q's or so) so that when you take the simulated test, you'll have a wide variety of questions offered to you!

lastly, i trust this product because the questions are just like nclex if you can recall...they're 1 sentence or less and the answers are typically 1 or a few words. it's to the point and helps you understand how to answer an nclex question.

exam cram is just like icing on a cake...your favorite-i'm gonna pass nclex and then celebrate-cake!

good luck studying!

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Im using the exam cram-rn and is very good, it simplifies topics for easy understanding. I like it and will recommend it.

Good luck.


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I also used Exam Cram and found it very very helpful (along with Linda LaCharity). I liked the questions and they are very similar to the real thing. I failed boards 3x and just passed last week. Exam Cram along with the prioritzation book will help you out alot.


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Whatever resource you use, hope that it does you good so that you can pass. Good luck.


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can u plz tell me that form where i get this exam cram this book is with cd ????? this help in nclex??? i doing saunders n kaplan i want to know from where i get this EXAM cram:banghead:


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you can get Exam Cram from Barnes & Noble or order online on Ebay & Amazon for less and yes it does come with a cd


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thank you so muchhhh sophiadawn7 thanks for ur reply !!!!!

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