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Hi all,

I recently decided to go back to a former job(LTC) after realizing the grass simply ain't green anywhere right now. I will be paid better than at other facilities and I already know the residents, so I will at least have two pros going for me. However, I always worked 7P-7A in the past, and am now going to be working 3-11P. Not only has it been ages since I worked only 8 hour shifts, but outside of some initial training during the day, I never worked 3-11P as a CMA(medication aide). I know to expect the big med pass for 7PM, to get finger sticks for the nurse as required, but what does it look like for you if you work the med cart 3-11P? Thanks!

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There's a supper meal service. Know what you're allowed to do during meals. Usually NO MED PASS during that time. And many pts just want to go to bed RIGHT AFTER they eat. You'll just have to work around them.

And be super conscious with the diabetics - they can't be bottoming out on 11-7.

Remember you'll have more nurses accessing the cart than before - more potential for narcotic count errors. Be extra vigiliant - no shortcuts.

Try to stay focused with all the possible interruptions. Finally, remember the '5 (or 6 or 7 or more) rights'.

Good luck to you and welcome to AN.

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I love 3-11 shifts!  At most facilities I've been to for 3-11s, you will likely have two decent sized med passes - one at dinner time and one at HS.  Oftentimes, you'll also have some meds to pass when you first get there at 3 PM but there usually aren't too many.  You will see sundowning in full bloom on this shift in your dementia/Alzheimer's/confused residents.  Admissions are common as well.  It can be pretty busy and frequent interruptions are common, but staying organized and knowing who gets a BP check, who needs full sets of vitals, and who is an AC/HS accucheck can help to make it smoother!

I work snf side 2-10pm, have about 12 short term and 5 long terms. Once u start working with them and getting to know them, the medication pass gets easier. Usually schedules at 1600 and 2000. 

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