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As far as points; Idk. I will say that they don't go strictly off TEAs test scores like some colleges do such as TCC and DCCCD (They go highly off their HESI scores). On the application for NCTC it gives you an area where to put down addition information. I used this to include my hospital work experience, EMS experience and certification classes I've attended. I feel it was more fair this way and helped to include students who made not be a good test taker.


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Ahh yes that sounds so much more appealing and easier than the other scores . My teas score was also low (which shocked the heck out of me) Bc I really thought I was doing well! I took all prereq course with A's and B's in all courses with a previous AA degree as well . My experience is unit secretary, phebotomy and currently a patient rep for a clinic!

I guess I should go ahead and try to apply !

I emailed Ms. Willis today so I'm hoping I'll get a response tomorrow sometime!

I just don't know when the application is due for the spring of it has passed yet or not .. do you know ?


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How long after the application dead line did y'all hear from nctc