NCSBN 3-week Course vs. Other Study Plans?


Hello. I failed the NCLEX in February and took about a month off. I scheduled my appointment for April 26th for my second NCLEX attempt. I was planning on doing the 3-week NCSBN study course alongside some ATI-Learning questions/podcasts.

Do any of you have any opinions about the NCSBN 3 week course and if it helped? I will be starting it in the beginning of April, so that it ends the 21st and I can take the exam with all the information fresh in my mind on the 26th!

Any thoughts, opinions, or general conversation would be greatly appreciated from you lovely people! Thank you!

Has 21 years experience.

I bought their course for three weeks. If you are looking for questions/rationale then this is a great idea. If your problem is a content deficit and not answering questions however, this may be too much info for only three weeks (can buy for longer than three weeks). The questions are great (written by the test maker) and they will probably look familiar in the near future. The content review sections are HUGE. All I had time for was questions. I passed minimal questions the first time but I've also been fortunate enough to always do well on tests (nursing anyways). For the cost, I think this is probably your best bet with the time that you have. Good luck!

Uworld is dope! You receive over 1900+ questions, and Ive heard that is looks like the NCLEX exam itself. The rationales are the best, I am almost done with my course, and I test in April as well. It prepares you for the test taking portion, and how to answer the NCLEX question that will be on the exam. I can say since Ive started it my confidence in the way I answer and approach the questions has changed for the better. NCSBN is a good source, but it is a whole lot of reading, so if you have problems staying focused or begin engaged in the learning process, this may be a issue for you, but the material is good.

My blessings for you on this Exam coming!!!