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i post on here a lot .. lol ignore me if you want , im obsessive. anyway Ive been scoring 70% on most post tests for ncsbn .....seems kind of low. what do you think?

also... im thinking kaplan is still a better resource with mroe nclex based questions. though ncsbn is kind of a nice review (after reading the questions) i read through some of the informational stuff and didnt like it... last

Kaplan my Qtrainer 6 was 65% Qbank is 62% and the other Qtrainers have been between 56%-64% ... so we will see.. im still truckin, test is july 8th. though im running out of resources now that i used the whole Qbank for Kaplan, any advice? should i continue to review questions?? take questions i already did?? or just review materal.

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