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ncsbn review course


hi all i want to take nclex rn by march or april ,before that please give your suggestions about the ncsbn review learningtext.com course.has any one taken this course recently ,afrend told its in better version...i am confused whether to buy or not...is it helpful in passing exam,has anyone taken it? please help

Hi merina! A friend of mine availed of the said online review program by ncsbn learningext.com. She passed her NCLEX! She also suggested me to do Suzanne's study plan. According to her it was such a great help in passing the NCLEX CA. Just a thought.

l used ncsbn and kaplan review course and l passed at 75 questions.

good luck.


Has 3 years experience.

and I had problems with learningext to buy their nclex rn. Their page seems to be little ancient, their requirements are for PC comp. If you have macbook ...then you have a problem!

Have you considered using Suzanne's plan? It is free. You can read about it in the stickies at the top of this forum. Good luck.

im planning to the learningext review too. ill be having my exams by the end of march. im starting to get anxious already. i did kaplan strategies and saunders as well. good luck to us and may we be guided....

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