NCSBN review Any tips???? ANXIETY!!

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Hi everyone, this is for anyone who has taken the NCSBN review. There are all of these lessons and I am feeling overwhelmed! Would you recommend just doing the tests and thats it? Also I dont think I have found any test taking strategies or any secrets to "answering the questions/interpreting the questions. I also have the incredibly easy book. Also is it true that there is not going to be alot of Peds or OB psych on the NCLEX, I swear on my NCSBN pretest everything was freakin peds and freakin asthma!!!! I did badly 60%!!! I had peds along time ago and I have forgotten ALOT about diseases and such. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I do not want to flunk! I only have about 3 weeks to study!!!!!

Please Help!!!!

Freakin out


suzanne4, RN

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I prefer the Saunders book for review. But as long as you are doing 100 questions per day, and get 3000 to 4000 done before the exam, you should be fine.

They have cut down on the number of peds questions and OB questions on the exam, but that still doesn't mean that there aren't any........

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