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NCSBN learning extension subscription

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Hey guys,

Anyone here who has taken NCSBN learning extension: How long does the subscriber have access to the actual program? There is 3 weeks, 5 weeks, etc. How long does it actually last?

It says:

"You can choose to give yourself 3, 5, 8, or 15 weeks of access to the course," and

"Register online when you're ready to begin. You'll have immediate access to your NCLEX review course and enjoy 24/7 access for the entire length of your subscription."

This is probably a dumb question but I just want to make sure that the actual subscription would be 5 weeks of access.

I'm going to do the 5 weeks and when you look at the actual suggested study plan it splits the plan into 25 days. I am planning on doing m-f. So that would be exactly 5 weeks. I just want to make sure. In case I take longer than 5 weeks (which I definitely am not planning to). I'm thinking that I will have 5 weeks of access and it's up to me to finish it within the 5 weeks.

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I have done both 3 weeks and 5 weeks of NCSBN learning extension. 5 weeks is obviously more time to use it. But it depends how much of it you will use. If you will do just the qbank 3 weeks is enough time, but if you will also go through the online material you might need the 5 weeks to use it.

Did you like it. .cos am using it too..got the 5 weeks plan

Did you like it. .cos am using it too..got the 5 weeks plan

It's a good resource but shouldn't be the only thing you use. The qbank was most helpful, there is just too much information in the study material. I like it but I still did not pass the NCLEX, but that is probably my fault not NCSBN.

JPG18.. so what resources are you planning to use now..I heard about uworld.