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Nclex, wound care


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hey guys, i have a question. on the last Nclexrn i took i had like 4 question back to back with picture of an ulcer to pick the specific dressing you will do. i had no idea what to pick because i only know about wet to dry dressing. and there is no help in the books i used. do you guys have an idea how to go about it and choose a dressing or a book that has that kind of help. any advice will help:idea:


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Research online put in dressing changes, Ulcers, From experience I know what we used but from studying they don't really tell you besides Wet to dry dressing changes maybe in the Skills book we had in nursing school It might go into depth. Sorry if this wasn't much help. Best Wishes!

Just about any kind of question can be answered with an internet search. Or go to a medical library and look up wound care in one of the medical reference books that should be available.

was hydrocolloidal dressing a choice,,,because i have read that it is used to promote wound healing,,im sorry if its wrong,,,not too sure myself.....


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Thanks guys fir your help. I will try all of these. I knew I was getting it wrong cause I got 4 pictures similar questions back to back. I only knew wet to dry. So I chose that. Won't do that next time