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Nclex in 3 weeks ! Last minute tips needed.

So a lot of emotions are running through me right now ! I just got my ATT number today and I scheduled my Nclex-RN 3 weeks away from today ! The reasoning behind me scheduling it so soon is because of a possible job as a New Grad Float nurse, which I think would be a great opportunity ! So far I have used ATI and received the green light with a 95% passing first time , I just purchased the NCSBN 3 week RN review course , Lacharity PDA, Kaplan RN strategies 14-15 , and Nclex mastery app ! I want to master answering the tougher questions and apply critical thinking with the content I already know . My question is ... Are these good resources? How many questions should I be answering per day ? And lastly how do I strengthen my SATA questions ( my weakness ) ? Please respond back ! I would greatly appreciate it !

Hi nursekaye, the best way to work on those SATA is by doing alot of practice questions, i dont use Kaplan or Saundrs. I use Davis CD which i love. Check it out.

Thank you for replying ! I'm going to check that out ! I have to find that CD !

Amazon..... you can get the book for 10 bucks make sure it has a CD. This has very tough and challenging questions. God bless.

Know your learning style if you dont know already,

Interactive? Videos


Audio? Ect?

Or a mixture, there are tests online if you don't know

Write in different coloured pens to help remember information.

The brain processes colours easier, try and make them link if you can , like maternal - infant nursing - green ? It represents go at a traffic light. Therefore the start or beginning, you can use anything that relates to you!

When doing mind maps - dont do straight lines. This is also a brain process

I was told this from a girl who used to teach people who failed exams that were of this level, and higher

This is just an extra , and it works for me! Well it must do am halfway through a masters and have never failed a test!

Though i have not sat my nclex yet! So that might be my first fail :( Am waiting for my ATT, yikes! I am passing practice exams between 60-80% but i have not done intense study yet!

Good luck :)

Thank you ! Good luck to you also 😊!


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