nclex in a week extra help! cant find anything im terrified

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I NEED to take this test i graduated a year ago failed once and ive been studing from an old nclex book forreevveerrr read it front to back god knows how many times... i want some good study tips (besides relax and yaddayadda) i need to work on my ??S would buying ncsbn $50 help ahhh dont know what too doo gahhh!!!! i can find qwat online that has to do with PN (why do RNs get all the help lol) im so bad i wish i would have baughten (see cant even spell) a better book months ago!!! :cry: i feel like balling all day long plus im throwing a bridalshower and i just cant do it im shutting down!!!!! i just dont know what to do after "studing for almost a year" lifes too busy being a single mom to a demanding toddler working fulltime.... i just dont think i could go on if i fail again i know lots do BUT I CANT do it anymore!!! ps im gonna get a well needed 1.5 hr massage b4 hand that may help...sorry for being too overdramatic


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You sound disorganized and confused. Cancel your appointment. Make a new appointment after the bridal shower, after you have bought a new study resource (Saunders Comprehensive Review is a good one), and after you have sat yourself down and given yourself a good talking to. Take a calendar and go out from one to three months, whatever you feel you need, then reschedule for that date. Then open up that book and get to it like you know you need to. You are the only person who can grab you by the scruff of your neck and get yourself together and functioning. Good luck.


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some people say kaplan qbank can help. good luck


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Specializes in Elder Care. is also good I used that and Saunders for my LVN but you need more then a week for either of those sources I would reschedule the test and give yourself at least 4 weeks to study make a schedule and stick to it Good Luck


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but its been more than a yr .....*sigh*

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