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NCLEX on Wednesday

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I've been studying since first week of June and I'm scheduled for the test on Wednesday. Yesterday I took Kaplan QT 7 and got a 59.4%. I was absolutely heartbroken.

Does this mean I'm not ready for the test on Wednesday?! I felt like I really improved the last 2 weeks and my scores on the Qbank were in the range they are supposed to be. I am so nervous for the exam even though I've been studying like crazy every day for weeks. I know that no one ever really feels ready for the test but I just wanted to know if anyone is in the same boat as me ... my average for the qbank questions is 50% and i've done every single one.

congrats to all those who have survived and passed! maybe you can leave me with some good tips (my test is in less than 36 hours!) :)


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Here's some advice I left another poster...

Just try and relax (I know easier said then done). Spend the day before your NCLEX eve studying drug classes (not every drug in the book) and the and their most common and uncommon side effects. Review EKGs (nothing in depth, just the basics), labs, and anything you feel you struggle with (for me it was acid base balances). You don't have to be an expert, just make sure you know the basics, the basics can get you a long way! And do a bunch of questions. Don't try and lean anything new, you will over whelm yourself. On your NCLEX eve get out of town for the day. I spent the day looking for the testing center (thank goodness I did because it took me over an hour to find!) and then met up with a friend from nursing school who had already taken the NCLEX. She kept me encouraged and distracted. Review the rules before going so that you won't be taken off guard by anything, and get to bed early. You have made it this far, you can do this!