Nclex wednesday.. Should i put my books down?

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So my nclex pn exam is this wednesday for the 5th time.. Is it time to put the books down and study? Studied lab values today and looked over pharma.. Today i felt so drained.. Felt so sleepy! My husband says its my anxiety kicking in, told him no feels like i have a bug trying to get me.. Could it be stress? Looking over the allnurses study guide as of now.. What you all think? Ive prepared myself for 4 month and no more rescheduling cause my att expires may 26th...

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I stopped studying and gave myself a break the day before my test. I knew that with y stress being higher wouldn't help me. I knew I wouldn't be able to learn anything more then I already knew. I think I went in more refreshed and less stressed then if I'd crammed. Good luck on your test!!

Thank you eat my sox.. I think ill read a little bit more and rest up for the big day wednesday afternoon..

I am practicing deep breathing exercises which i never did before.I am also praying a lot when my anxiety gets really high.I am revising things that i feel like i need to.I keep on telling myself i am going to pass. Positivism leads you to success.

These are the things helping me to get my anxiety level down.

Good luck!!!:up:We are going to pass :specs:

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