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hi everyone,

i only discovered this site yesterday and its so useful, thanks so much for all your help!

i have two questions for you all.

1. when you pass the nclex do you get a green card and does this mean you need to get a employer to sponsor you inorder to iimmigrate and work in the states.

2. has anyone had any sucess gaining permanent emploement on a green card ( in particular california)

thanks everyone, this process can be very confusing and some information is very confliting


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Passing NCLEX does not give you a green card, varies how you get a green card. Marriage, work or diversity are the general routes. CA will be hard at the moment due to many US nurses struggling and even if you find a employer you are looking at 6 plus wait for you to get your green card and being able to live and work

HI Silverdragon, quick response thanks so much, as per what i have been reading and a post on 2006 this is whats stated, has this changed

as per attached post

The only thing that is needed for the GREEN CARD is a Visa Screen Certificate. This can be gotten by passing either the CGFNS exam or the NCLEX-RN exam, and the series of English exams, if you are not exempt from them. Requirement is based on where you did your initial nursing training, not where you have worked. Even if you are now in the US working on your MSN; but trained in another country for the BSN, you will still need to take the English exams.

Permanent residency, or green card, is what you will be getting. There are no temporary work visas being issued to nurses, and there have not been any for over two years. H1-B visas do not exist for nurses. If someone tells you otherwise, they are incorrect. Please list permanent residency on any application that asks for the type of visa, and include a copy of your passport with it.

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Green card also known as a immigrant card requires one of the following spouse who is already USC or has a green card, Employer or win in the diversity lottery. If you are the main application for immigrant visa then visa screen certificate will be required and that you can not get until passednclex having met state requirements. English exams are not required if English is your first language.

Nurses have gotten h1b's in the past but is a specialist visa and hard to get especially if you have no experience in a particular area. If CA is your destination then ey will not accept application without a USASN which you can not get until in the US. Some states will process application but will not issue a license until you provide a US SSN

Nurses from ireland can not enter the diversity lottery as it is not classed as a desired profession. Once i pass the nclex is the visa screen certificate a difficult thing to get. I will be doing my nclex via Vermont which allows you to sit the exam prior to getting a SSN.

Im going via a company based in the UK and they make it out to be so easy but i know they are doing that to make some $$$$, it great to get the truth

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profession has no bearing on the diversity lottery it is based on where you was born as long as you meet requirements

requirements for entry

to enter the dv program, you must be a native of one of the listed countries. see list of countries by region whose natives qualify.

native of a qualifying country: in most cases, this means the country in which you were born. however, there are two other ways you may be able to qualify. first, if you were born in a country whose natives are ineligible but your spouse was born in a country whose natives are eligible, you can claim your spouse’s country of birth—provided that both you and your spouse are on the selected entry, are issued visas, and enter the united states simultaneously. second, if you were born in a country whose natives are ineligible, but neither of your parents was born there or resided there at the time of your birth, you may claim nativity in one of your parents’ countries of birth if it is a country whose natives qualify for the dv-2013 program.

to enter the dv program, you must meet either the education or work experience requirement of the dv program: you must have either a high school education or its equivalent, defined as successful completion of a 12-year course of elementary and secondary education; or two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training or experience to perform. the u.s. department of labor’s o*net online database will be used to determine qualifying work experience. for more information about qualifying work experience for the principal dv applicant, see frequently asked question #13.

what visa is the company telling you they are going for? as i mentioned gc will take over 6 years at the moment and if the bill goes through that is trying to go through that will become longer. if you are getting ces report from cgfns then visa screen certificate will be easy as they already have most of your documentation so will only need verification from your state that you have passed nclex. vermont has now changed their process and will not accept applications without a us ssn so you must have applied before the changes was made. they will not i believe issue a license without a us ssn

I thought because RN is zone 3 in the lottery and they are only recruiting zone 4 and 5 that it was not a valid option.

Yes I applied to Vermont prior to ssn been introduced.

All the recruitment agencies in the work are stating you get the green card. Does the 6 years mean you can't work for 6 years once you receive it

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No. It takes six years for your Green Card application to be processed.You should do a search on here and read the many threads discussing retrogression.Recruitment agencies cannot provide you with a Green Card. You do get the Green Card - after 6 years.

This is a DISASTER!!!

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This is what I have been trying to tell you. Doesn't matter what the agencies are telling you you can not work in the US until your GC application has been processed and that is taking 6 plus years. I had a PD of Aug 2006 with a job in Phoenix and if not in Canada would still be in the UK waiting as current processing times is July 2006 so I would be getting close however I am now in Canada and loving it.

Silver dragon thanks so much for your help.

As a matter of interest my fiancé is a American and we plan on getting married 2014 are the processing times for a spouse green card the same?

It was so easy working and registering in Ireland, uk and Australia, I can't believe it so difficult in the states.

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If your fiancée is American then it is much easier to apply for a immigrant visa. You have 2 options K1 which you enter and have to get married within a certain period can then change your status and get a immigrant visa issued or get married and then apply for a visa

Here is a link that may help you

USCIS - Spouse

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