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I got consistent 64% on Saunders but studied my butt off and took a review course. I feel stupid. I just got back and it cut off at 80 somethin--I can't even remember now--I want to say 85 but I think I did get the last question right. Does that mean anything? My friend told me a story of her friend who failed with around 80 something so that is why I am skeeered. If I don't pass this, I have nothing--am supposed to go straight into grad school. Anyone, anything? please? And, that test doesn't assess jackshit. I wish it was something I felt like I had a handle on.

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Do not dispair, you probably did better than you think. Best wishes :)


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Don't fret about what people tell you. My friend just took the exam, got 86 questions and passed!!!! They stress so much about how many questions you get doesn't mean anything but it is hard not to look into it so much. I just got back from mine and it stopped at 75, I am 95% confident that I didn't pass, only Friday will tell. (I am so greatful that my state participates in quick results) It was just as bad though as everyone said it would be. It sucks because you don't leave knowing how you did, the only thing we can do now is HOPE we passed.

Goodluck!!!! xoxo


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Pray hard... Good luck on the results.. if u deserve to pass you will.. If HE thinks its meant for you then it will happen..

God bless>>>

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