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nclex tips

Does anyone have tips for studying for the nclex?

for me i took a month to review content by reading the NCLEX illustrated study guide. it's actually only approx 630 pages, which would have taken me about 2 weeks to finish by reading 50-100 pages per day if it wasn't because i kept getting distracted very easily due to the fact that i was still waiting for my ATT.

I got my ATT just one day before i finished reading the book. After that I practiced questions on Kaplan for two weeks by doing at least 150 questions per day and reviewing each question at the end even the ones that i got right to make sure i was getting them right for the correct reason and not just because i got lucky, and i wrote down any medication i didn't know about, I finished all the 7 qtrainers, and the whole qbank which consisted of approx 1100 questions, and also did all the practice questions. My scores in the qtrainers were kind of low, however my scores improved and were within the recommended scores by kaplan instructors (above 60%) once I started doing the qbank questions.

Good luck!

Does anyone have tips for studying for the nclex?

Yes, and the very best one you will get: go to the top of this page, find the little magnifying glass on the right-hand side of the yellow bar, and use the Search function. You can also just scroll through this board, and you will see HUNDREDS of threads ALL giving tips and suggestions.

Every so often someone will post "do you have any tips" and then they realize how much is already THERE if they just look :)



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