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To all the wonderful amazing nurses/nursing students/practitioners etc...I need some help:)

I am hoping that someone can offer me some direction, information, or advice in my current situation. I graduated salutatorian from my program in2010; however the board said I was unable to take the NCLEX at that  time and I had to go to court to dispute something that happened 20 years prior to my graduating after testimonials from my DON, my Boss, and pastor I was investigated and finally was given an ATT 2 years later. but Louisiana Board of Nursing has a three year time limit from the time you graduate to the time you must pass the NCLEX. I failed. 

Because of my situation, the Louisiana Board did not grant me a short extension to prepare for the NCLEX nor did they tell me I had this option .Unfortunately, I called, emailed and never got a response, I went to the board the receptionist said , " ITS THE LAW! "

I would love any suggestions or if ya'll have information on what step(s) I can take to be eligible to take the NCLEX again. I am wondering if there are other options to become eligible to take the NCLEX and become licensed.

Thank you so much for any advice you may provide ! xxx

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2010 graduate would mean you are 14 years out of school. I doubt you'll be able to sit the NCLEX at this point without at least taking a refresher course, I wouldn't be surprised if you are required to retake the entire course after that much time.  Even having to wait two years post-graduation before taking the NCLEX you still had a full year to pass it. Why didn't you reschedule that test right away when you failed the first time?  Even with the required time between test attempts a full year should have given you enough time to attempt the test more than once. 

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