Nclex 4th timer help please!


Hello, I graduated 4 years ago, I had to wait to take my nclex due to immigration status, when I was finally able to take the test, I wasn't able to pass because I didn't prepare well enough, I took it again shortly after and I failed again, I took the entire test and failed it. Both times I did the Kaplan review with the live lecture,but never finished the entire curriculum because I thought I had done most of it and I work full time as well, people kept pressuring me to just get over my fear and I failed a third time. I have distanced myself from former classmates and faculty because I feel embarrassed. I have started several times studying but never seemed to give it the priority it requires because of different situations. I made excuses to avoid taking it,because of my fear to fail it once again. However, this time I am ready to commit to give it another try,hoping it will be the last. I know it is a challenging test, and even though I procrastinated....I am hoping to get advice in how to approach the test this time around, should I still do the Kaplan content again? I bought several books from Barnes&Noble, but I am not sure if using several books can be too much that it might be too much confusion. Or do I take the Hurst review instead? I am grateful for any advice. Thanks.


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Any helpful advice?


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Hi USstudent,

I am sorry to hear about your struggle with the NCLEX , but you are NOT alone! So, don't be too hard on your self. You can do this! Just stay with it, and don't give up! I too struggled with the Nclex-RN for several attempts, and finally passed on my third attempt. In hindsight, my advice would be to purchase Sally Lagerquist Dvd's/CD. Watch them completely., I would also recommend Ready to pass study book, and Sylvia Rayfield's online review , and her review books. These are the things that I use on my last attempt when I finally passed.

Oh, and the things that I tried prior to passing was Hurst,and Kaplan. They didn't work for me. Forget about all the various review books except the ones mentioned above, and here. Focus on concepts of nursing.. As long as you understand what is normal in the body, and what is not and what happens in either case in the body. They can throw anything at you ,and you will still be able to think about why a certain answer is right or wrong. Sylvia Rayfield has a wonderful pharmacology book! She also has a great review book! I suggest you read them both. I hope this helps, and may God bless you with a pass next time!:nurse:


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hi usstudent,

i just took my nclex-rn last thursday and was able to pass. i don't know if what i did would be helpful to you as it was helpful to me in some part.

don't panic: turn negative thoughts into positive self-talk. the belief that you can succeed is a powerful exam strategy.

organize your time: make a list of everything you need to revise, and the amount of time you would require. make a committed time for yourself and let your friends and family know when you're not available. for example, you prefer to study in the morning, let your friends know that you won't be available to hang out during the morning of 9am-3pm of mondays to fridays.

rely on text-books: the text-book is of paramount importance. do not replace it. only supplement it with notes or assignments. the only books i used is saunder's and la charity's prioritization book. those two are the only useful and the only book i can advise you. i like saunder's as it define the concept in the simplest matter, the prioritization book however, made me aware of which and what is most important to prioritize in a certain scenario. if you have any question regarding prioritizing or delegating feel free to pm me and i'll help you in a quickest possible way i can

analyse previous exam papers: try to access past exam papers and familiarize yourself with the type and number of questions; which topics carry more marks and which ones are important for short answers. every exam i answer i have a notebook beside me, the purpose of the notebook is that i write my mistake there with the correct answer beside and its rationale. during my spare time i try to read it again and again, i don't know if it is wrong to say this but, during my exam there are questions that are similar or the same with the ones in my notebook.

don't take peer pressure: avoid friends and relatives during the exam period.they can put you off, affect your concentration and also confuse your thoughts.

make a routine: take good care of yourself. too much of fast-food and late nights, irregular sleeping habits or lack of enough sleep will seriously impede your concentration. maintain a regular routine throughout the preparation period and exam dates and finally, always remember that the rewards of your performance will be in direct proportion to your efforts.

prayers. i don't know if your a believer, but a week before my exam i kept on praying for the topic i want to answer. no maternal no unfamiliar drugs, no pediatric. and will you believe me if i tell you that my exam is all about the topics i know, endocrine, cardiology, nursing issues, hematology and basic pharmacology like ace inhibitors or beta blockers drugs. i am thankful cause my exam was an answered prayer.


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Thank you 4pancakes for your support and your inspiring words of advice. I will put it to use. God bless you!

Thank you Kim020289 for your kindness and for the useful tips you shared. I will keep in mind your offer to email you, in case I need help, that is very kind of you. I am a believer, prayer is a powerful thing.


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Thank you RN,BSN84! I appreciate all the great advice,I read your post and def it's inspiring. Thank you for your offer to help, I will keep it on mind. Congrats. God bless.