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NCLEX test date delayed in California?

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Hi all, I recently graduated from nursing school in CA and am studying for the NCLEX-RN. I have heard rumors that due to COVID-19 there has been a delay in people signing up for the NCLEX. So now people who have graduated in December/January still have not been able to test. Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone who has graduated in April/May been able to sign up for a test date? If so, is there a delay? Thanks for any input!

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Hi there,

I am not sure what the timeline is like for students who went to school in California, but I went to school in New York, graduated May 15th, and recently moved back home to California where I am going to get licensed. Here is my timeline thus far:

I submitted my application to the California Board of Nursing on April 29th. I got my fingerprints done the first week of May, and my conferred transcript was sent from my school to the CA BON on May 20th. 

I called the BON about one month ago, and they told me that I should get my ATT 10-12 weeks after I submitted my application to the board of nursing, so I expected to test around mid July. However, I called the BON again this morning and they told me there is now an additional 12 week delay, so I am now projected to attain my ATT in early September. Super bummed as many new grad jobs begin in August/September, but I am praying I somehow take my NCLEX sooner than that!

Best of luck and hope this helps!

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