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Hi all, so I took my exam last Tuesday, dobt see pending on my application on the BrN web site and I don't have a good pop up on PVT :( I did 265 questions and no results yet. I feel that I didn't pass. Any hopeful answers my peeps. Thank u and happy holidays. Do they take longer if u had a conviction to give a pass or fail results?

265 questions means that you were inconsistently above and below the passing standard the entire test, determination couldn't be made before that point. People pass and people fail having taken the maximum number of questions, means nothing.

Not having a good pop up on the PVT either means that you didn't do it right as is the case a lot of the time when people talk about this, or you did do it right and you failed. If you paid $200 it's likely you failed. If you did the game any other way then it's possible you failed and possible you passed. People have used valid or invalid card numbers, valid or invalid expiration dates and all kinds of other gimmicks and it doesn't mean much, can't know if you passed or failed for sure until the BON tells you.

If you have a criminal record that has nothing to do with whether you passed or failed the exam. Getting a license, though, will be determined by your BON. If your conviction is one that prevents you from getting a license then it doesn't matter if you passed. If you're already discussed this with the BON and it's not a problem then it won't matter either.

Good luck.

@extra pickles Thank you. My application has disappeared from breeze and no license info as well. I called the board and told me to wait for results after I told them I wanted to reapply again. They also said that when the application disappears it means that I have taken the test so it disappears. Nothing yet :(

It's a horrible spot to be in but all you can do now is wait. Hang in there!


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