NCLEX Suggestions for 3rd attempt...PLEASE HELP!!


I'm getting ready to take boards for the 3rd time in 11 days and I need any suggestions you guys may have on how my next 11 days should be spent. I feel like I"m spinnning my wheels and not getting prepared well. I graduated nursing school with a 3.7 GPA so I thought the NCLEX would be no problem. After Graduation I went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks, I got back and relaxed for a couple more weeks and then refreshed for a few days and took the NCLEX. I got 265 questions and failed. I couldn't believe how difficult the test really was. I rescheduled and retook exam about 2 months later. I studied for a solid 2 weeks this time and thought I had it in the bag. Again I got 265 and failed. My confidence is shattered, Im so nervous now I cant even concentrate on studying. I have about 40 hours in this time studying and I want to make this last 10 days or so really count, but I have no idea how to do that. Any help would be very much appreciated. I have now been out of nursing school for 16 months and I don't feel like I have any chance of passing now. Please someone help me!!!

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Please don't rush yourself. You don't want to go thru the same ordeal again. If you feel like you're not prepared then move your date. But if you wanna be more pressured the stick to it and comply to it strictly. Don't waste time and don't exhaust yourself. Don't stop yourself from doing what you want to do. You just have to manage your time, answer more questions as much as you can. Read and understand rationales. Pray.