Nclex success story

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Graduated nursing school Feb 2014 right after graduation I was in need of money and had to work. Signed up to take my nclex August 2014 after studying half of Kaplan work got really busy around that time and was not able to take my test. November 2014 came around and I started my nclex studying once again did every question possible in Kaplan. Feb 2, 2015 took my nclex for the first time and failed after 75 questions, I was devestated. I knew deep inside that work was holding me back not allowing me to put in the necessary hours to study. March 2015 I quit my job and studied 6-8 hours a day every day I read Saunders, attended a review (pointless), over 5000 questions from pearson, saunders and davis last but not least I did learning ext 3 weeks totally worth it. June 9th 2015 I took my nclex and was stopped at 75 I thought I was well prepare but not to be stopped at 75 so I was kind of bugged out. Once I got home I did the pvt trick and I received the good pop up yesterday state of Florida confirmed I passed. To anybody taking there nclex if you put in the time, read and do questions God willing you'll be fine. Good luck!


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Congrats on passing! :) I really warn against doing the PVT, but at least in your case, no harm done :D

Welcome aboard!