NCLEX study tips out of school. Finally recieved ATT 9 months after graduating.

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Hello, I am so happy I finally received my ATT for the NCLEX after waiting 9 looong months! They investigated my background, as I had many traffic tickets etc..

I have been studying on and off for the last months, but not as I probably should. Now that I received the ATT, I really want to buckle down and dedicate all my time to studying.

I was thinking of taking the Kaplan online review and wanted to ask when it would be a good time to take it? or how much in advance to taking the exam. Should I self-study first, take the online course then the exam or vice versa? Any other recommendations on studying after being out of school for a while? Should I review all my material or focus on NCLEX questions (such as those from the ATI)?

I would greatly appreciate any tips or recommendations!! Thank you!

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I'm also curious about advice for this! Also, are traffic tickets a big deal when trying to get licensed? :-/

From my understanding, they shouldn't be.. unless they are warrants, in which I had, and a very long list of tickets :s Back in September I sent a letter with my application explaining those tickets that had become warrants and other tickets on my record from my adolescence. I believe I had one from being at a party where there was alcohol, even though I wasn't drinking. Anyway a friend and some teachers advised me to send the letter that way the BON would see that I was responsible and aware of my adolescence infringements. I am not sure if it helped or back fired, but a couple months later I received a letter that it was being forwarded to the enforcement department. :( I was so distraught.. I thought it was ridiculous as I am a very caring person and hardly ever go out. Anyway 9 months later I am very pleased to receive my ATT! Sometimes God makes us wait, to strengthen us and mold us into what He wants us to be.. that’s how I look at it :)

Have you graduated?

Hopefully others will reply with some helpful studying tips!

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