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nclex sources


Hi, Im taking the NCLEX this September and I'm wondering what sources most of you guys are using right now those are that are uptodates, what would you recommend?

In my situation Im currently low of $$ for online reviews, I only use NSCBN learning extension for the content and downloaded nclex softwares like nclex4000, Mosbys, and Saunders the yellow book.

I feel like I'm not doing enough, because I still get low scores in Q.A.. I need some of your insights. Thank you very much!

Sounds like what you have is pretty good. Don't worry about the scores, as I've said many times on other posts, it's not how you are scoring that is important but rather it is important that you understand and read the rationales telling you why your answer was wrong. Just do as many questions as you can as the more you do the more comfortable you will feel and the better you will get at them.

Since you say you are low on $$ I would recommend Lacharity PDA the 2nd edition you can get used for about $20 or the 3rd edition is about $30-something I believe (which is the newest one). Many people, including myself, have found this book very helpful on boards. There is also Lippincott Q&A Review I know many people who used this book and have been successful on boards. It's about $50.

You could also do questions out of your textbooks from school if you still have them.

There is also the "AN Study Guide" which is free...it is here on this site. It saved me on a few questions on NCLEX.

Of course, what works for everyone is different, you have to find what works for you within your budget but hopefully some of this has been helpful.

Good Luck!

Your on the right track I used NCSBN review and passed with 75 questions in 45 minutes. I also used LaCharity PDA and I would strongly encourage you to get that book. I also used Mosby Comprehensive NCLEX review it had a lot of hard critical thinking questions on it. And like others have said the AN study guide helped me a lot. Good Luck

PDA has really good reviews, I think I need to purchase one. Thank you for sharing me the link! I have a book from kaplan 2012-2013, I need to schedule reading them. :geek:

Wow, thank you for encouraging, Yes, I guess I really need to have the PDA that would be a big help. Ooh and I need to look for that "AN study guide", thanks a lot for sharing me helps me to be more motivated in studying. :inlove:

Wow Congratulations,ok I'm going to stick with those sources, If you don't mind me asking how do you manage your time in studying, how many hours you usually spend reading?

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allnurses has not published and does not endorse any study guide found on this site. The study guide to which you are referring is a guide that just happens to have been compiled by and shared by members on this site.

thank you :)