NCLEX soon! OMG!!!!


Hi everyone:

This is my first time writing here! I think is a great opportunity to share impression and get feedback. Your support is so valuable!

Well, in a few days I will going to take the NCLEX exam, it has been so many time studying and answering practice questions, and more questions. Once of my biggest challenges is that I am a ESL speaker so I can misunderstand some terms.

I would like to know if there any other person who will take the test soon. I had practice a lot, however is so, so much information and I am really worry about that!

I know I can pass the exam, I just with the last minutes anxieties and worries. I have a reservation in a Hotel the day before the exam, hoping to be in the pool all day!.

If any other person will take the exam soon, please share your feelings and best luck!

I will let you know how was my exam! :o

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I just took my exam on June 2nd. I felt how you feel. English wasn't my first language. However, it is manageable. I told myself that as long as I understand medical terms, I will be fine :D. The day before the test I tried to sleep early (even though it was hard to fall asleep) My test was scheduled at 8am. I woke up around 4am because it takes me about 1 hour to drive to my testing site. I got ready and reviewed some lab values, cranial nerves, and some other things that need to be memorized. I ate full breakfast. I made sure I drink enough water. I meditated 30 minutes before I checked in. I prayed that I can focus on the test and I will be calm through out the test. I used the rest room before I enter the test room.

If you are confidence that is a good sign. I walked into the test room with confidence and I make sure I pray again before the test begin.

Keep calm, remember to breath, focus on the questions and pick the best answer.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks so much for your support! I already took the test yesterday. When I answered the question 75 I was totally freaked. The exam continue after my break, I thought..."well, you may did not do it at 75, but you are still in the fighting with the computer so its time for the KO" I stopped of counting how many SATA Question I have, and made the best to be focused in the questions. At 100 I I stopped to count the questions.

Almost 15 questions after, the system shut off! I Have a positive attitude. If I pass Will be good but if do not the end of the world!

Do you know your results?

I'm glad you feel positive about the test :D I took nclex-pn and it shut off at 85 questions (minimum question for nclex-pn). I got my result a week ago and I PASSED!! :D I'm super happy. This is one step closer to my goal. I still have to continue with my RN journey. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep me posted.

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Awesome! Congratulations