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Hello everyone, I'm writing this as a comfort to other students that had the same experience . So I sat my NCLEX for the 3rd time on Saturday and the computer shut off at 75 questions. At that moment I thought it was over for me because I felt as if the questions were very basic and vague but I was finding them hard. I didn't get a lot of SATA questions so I was panicking when I saw the screen cut off . I wasn't keeping count but I got maybe about 10 SATAs or less and I felt so incompetent because the other questions I were getting seemed so easy but I wasn't understanding what I was being asked and felt like I questioned the entire test . After reading everyone else's experience that cut off at 75 others were saying that the had a lot of SATAs and if you get alot that means your doing well but I'm here to tell you that isn't true ... I don't believe that the amount of SATAs you get matter because I barely got any and I shut off at 75 and I can finally say I'm an RN . However the first 2 times I took it I went to 145 with a ton load of SATA . Everyone's experience is different and no you don't have to get alot or SATA to pass at 75 they mean nothing and are not necessarily hard level questions so they don't determine how well you are doing . When taking the test don't worry about what you are getting just focus on what you are being asked because there is no way to tell the level of the question. Believe in your self and trust in god he will bring you through as he did for me . I pray you all have a best day and may your computer screen and god favor you . Have faith and don't loose hope future RN

Congrats on passing! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, it's very helpful 😊


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My test stopped at 75

I think the last question was east and I got it right but I don't remember for sure

I had about 20 satas

I definitely got a few "easy" ones wrong because I checked

im freaking out. Wanted to know other ppls thoughts and experience. 

Do anyone knows what it means if I receive an encrypted email of results that can't open a day after the exam but on NCSBN can't see my quick results says not available 

Hy my tbon portal says approved-retest !what does this mean?I am so nervous


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Pranisha Thapa said:

Hy my tbon portal says approved-retest !what does this mean?I am so nervous

My interpretation is that you failed NCLEX and the BON has approved you to retest after the 45 day wait period. Some states have a limit for number of attempts. At that point you would no longer be approved for retest without remedial coursework.

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